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Remote work and Online Schooling? Not a problem with TCL NXTPAPER and Tablets

It may have only been little more than a year but what were once totally normal activities like having a bunch of textbooks and going to school have completely changed.

For young people and kids across the world, the classroom has become a grid of screens, virtual faces gathered around a Zoom or video call. And for their parents and working professionals, the office has transformed into Work-From-Home, and more than most, these individuals are now subject to a 9-to-5 full day of screen time whether for work or even later for play.

That is why technology needs to follow suit to answer our new demands. Enter TCL and their new line of tablets.

During the CES 2021 virtual conference last January, two new TCL tablets were revealed—the TCL NXTPAPER and TCL TAB 10s—made to keep up with the productivity and entertainment needs of today’s remote professionals and students. Leveraging the company’s competence in display manufacturing, the TCL NXTPAPER will be the first commercially available tablet to use the company’s innovative colored e-ink display technology, and the TCL TAB 10s provides an affordable learning experience with a large screen and stylus. 

 “NXTPAPER technology is a prime example of the Display Greatness philosophy that TCL Mobile has embodied since it launched over a year ago and showcases how a vertically integrated ecosystem can help produce innovative new products quickly and affordably,” said Stefan Streit, General Manager of Global Marketing for TCL Communication. “This new type of display will directly benefit remote workers and students alike, bringing new features that help encourage productivity, make life easier, and keep our eyes safe.”

The company’s proprietary NXTPAPER technology, announced last fall at IFA 2020 in Berlin, achieves stunning display performance with a highly reflective IPS screen that utilizes innovative TCL technology to reuse natural light, resulting in vivid, full-color reproduction with no blue light or flicker. TCL NXTPAPER display technology provides 25 percent higher contrast than most e-ink tablets and is also more than 65 percent more power-efficient than standard LCD screens, providing better battery life. It also provides for smoother video playback, ensuring optimized usage for learning, work, and leisure activities.

Intended specifically for larger format devices, NXTPAPER provides a paper-like visual experience in full high-definition resolution, with considerably less eye strain and fatigue compared to most tablets. 

TCL NXTPAPER Delivers Performance, Along with Eye Safety

Offering one of the most advanced eye protection displays on the market, TCL’s new NXTPAPER tablet is an elegant mobile companion for school, work, or play. It features an 8-inch FHD NXTPAPER screen that offers a dual visual experience of paper-and-screen with zero flicker or harmful blue light.

For students and professionals, the TCL NXTPAPER is powered by an octa-core processor and features a strong 5500mAh battery for over a full day of use to accompany your work or study hours. It also has a 5-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera for remote classroom learning, video teleconferences, presentations, and more.

The TCL NXTPAPER comes with a Kids Learning option, providing a child-friendly user interface and parental controls. It also works with Google Assistant, allowing users to seamlessly manage tasks, get answers to questions, and play music using voice commands. To make sure users can both effectively connect and contribute on video calls or during virtual classes, the tablet offers both Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity. Moreover, it has received eye protection certification from TUV Rheinland to ensure your eyes are protected from harmful light.

TCL TAB 10s Offers Students and Families Outstanding Performance and Value

Offering a best-in-class viewing experience, along with plenty of power to drive productivity, the new TCL TAB 10s tablet is designed with today’s remote learners and their parents in mind.


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