Rémy Martin gives tips on how to level up your CNY celebration

Welcoming the new year is a perfect symbolism of removing the bad and ushering in the good. So there is no better way to celebrate the Year of the Tiger but to indulge in opulence to attract prosperity into your homes. 

People born in the said year possess courage, competitiveness, unpredictability, and confidence—characteristics that are also embodied by the iconic Centaur representing Rémy Martin. 

The renowned maker of the finest champagne cognacs introduces Centaur Odyssey limited edition Rémy Martin XO, lavish spirits to level up the new year celebration with grandeur and good fortune. Here’s how:

Put up red decorations

Cherry-hued home ornaments are common during the Chinese New Year. The color represents joy, and it drives away evil spirits. Rémy Martin XO is housed in a dazzling red coffret, making the drink a radiant centerpiece on the dining table that matches the festivity’s vibe.

Reunite with family

Enjoy a reunion dinner with the family by serving symbolic dishes with lucky meanings such as dumplings, spring rolls, fish, and chicken, among others. Cap the night off by serving the sumptuous drink and toasting to success and abundance. Everyone in different ways can enjoy rémy Martin XO. It can be poured into a glass neatly, on ice, or with a lump of sugar and 3 dashes of bitters. Stir until silky smooth while adding ice. Level it up by garnishing it with a sprinkle of edible gold flakes. 

Don’t forget the sweets

Make sure to serve desserts on new year’s eve. Sweet nibbles like oranges and tangerines symbolize happiness and togetherness. Rémy Martin XO is blended with candied orange, honey, and plum to ensure perfect harmony between fruits and spices. The drink also pairs well with chocolate to bring out its aromatic richness. 

Pass the best wishes

Gift-giving is an act of respect and gratefulness and a way to wish friends and loved ones good fortune. Apart from hóngbāo or ampao, surprise them with Rémy Martin XO, a mouth-watering gift adorned with a fully-decorated coffret that opens like a treasure chest. The intricately-designed box narrates the odyssey of the Centaur and unveils the decanter, specially decorated with eye-catching colors at the center. 

Rémy Martin XO, along with Rémy Martin VSOP and Rémy Martin Club are among The House of Rémy Martin’s premier liquors. These were crafted through the precious grapes that grew from the terroir (ground) of the most sought-after vineyards of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. 

Rémy Martin features the masterful craft of the Cellar Master, who expertly blends more than 400 different Eaux-de-vie by employing meticulous fermentation and demanding distillation methods. 

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