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Revolutionizing Real Estate: Next on 1CH1NOY, Young Visionaries of Mosaic Realty and Development Corp. Jardin Wong, Jillian Sze, and Miguel Tan

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There was a time when finding condominium options was like choosing between shoeboxes.

That’s about to change with the bold entry of Mosaic Realty and Development Group, spearheaded by young Chinoys who have excelled in their fields here and abroad. The three co-founders are Jardin Wong, CEO; Jillian Sze, COO; and finally Miguel Tang, Director.

Jillian, bucked the trend of most multinational alumnae by doing the unthinkable and coming home to the Philippines. Carrying with her the experience of living and working in China and Switzerland for P&G, Jillian knows all too well the innovations in real estate that would benefit the Philippine market. Jillian is also all about customers first and has brought that thinking and discipline into Mosaic’s DNA.

Miguel, widely lauded as a construction wunderkind, has brought innovation into the worlds of building with his Fasclad International. As an art enthusiast, Miguel’s taste levels can be seen in the gorgeous lines of The Silhouette, the maiden project of Mosaic that promises to change the San Juan Skyline and providing a first-of-a-kind real estate product to the Philippines.

Jardin, who is the real estate veteran of the three, cut his teeth with Golden Bay Landholdings. However, with Mosaic, and the combined leadership of Jillian and Miguel, their company is promising a one floor, one unit smart home that is truly befitting their promise of “exquisite spaces” and “living exclusively.”

Mosaic Realty and Development Co-founders Miguel Tan, Director; Jardin Wong, CEO; and Jillian Sze, COO

The Silhouette

Jillian quips, “In a sea of giants, how do you differentiate yourself?” Mosaic answers this by showing a futuristic home that does not scrimp on its features and finishes. High ceilinged, lovingly detailed, tastefully outfitted and built with the best, The Silhouette is shaping to be the dream home of the jet setting millennial who has seen with world but wants to carve their own sanctuary in the Philippines.

Miguel promises, “bold, unique and very luxurious” spaces that fit the ideals of a modern homeowner. And finally, Jardin says they are “working diligently, in true Chinoy way, to fulfill the promise.”

Find out more about these three game changers in the upcoming episode of 1CH1NOY: Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart. It airs this Sunday, Nov 27, at 8pm only on CNN Philippines (Free TV Channel 9, Sky Cable Channel 14, Cignal Channel 10).

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