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Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Worry-free Dad

Whenever my 5 year old son wakes up, he looks for Papa!

My son:  “Where is Papa?  Where is Papa?”

Me: Papa needs go to work.

My son:  Why?

Me:  Because he wants to give you the best life!

And he will cry… “AAAHHHHH!!!!  I want Papa!”

We see less of our dads because he wants to give us more.


Have you experienced that too?

I did.

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and we are all anticipating it and preparing to celebrate it to make our Dads feel happy and special.  But does everyone understand what that occasion is all about? 

Many think it’s just about giving gifts to their fathers and greeting them, “Happy Father’s Day!” What goes unnoticed are the sacrifices fathers make for their families and the worries each one of them carry day-to-day. 

The role of a father in today’s society has changed significantly. For example, dads are now expected to significantly have more influence over the rearing and life of their children.  As we witnessed our absentee dads before, we do not want these shortcomings to happen to our children.

One thing is clear. As fathers take on more roles and responsibilities for their families, they’re still seen as the primary financial contributors.

A Father’s Nagging Thoughts

A father’s concerns about money will always be a constant worry, especially in the current situation. 

What will happen to his family if he suddenly contracts a deadly illness and passes away? Will they be provided for? Is he going to leave them with the uncertainty that they’ll survive financially? How will his family survive when he retires? These questions can add significant stress to a father’s life.

Since 68% of people consider gift-giving one of their “love languages” and loving oneself is becoming more of a trend nowadays, what better gift can a father give to himself than to make sure that he doesn’t worry as much anymore?


The Best Gift a Father Can Buy

He can make sure his family is provided for in case something unforeseen happens to him by getting a Life Insurance policy.  Making sure he will leave his family financial security is one of the steps he can take to subtract from his worries significantly. Plus, most Life Insurance policies come with an investment benefit that can provide him with a modest, but liveable income in the future.

Peace of mind has always been ignored in favor of “more important things,” but what goes largely unnoticed is the stress fathers wrestle with within their daily lives. This Father’s Day, the best gift every dad should give himself is the knowledge that their families are provided for and are financially secure. 

At the end of the day, our dads, are allowed to pause for a while to prioritize important things.  Don’t you agree?

Worrying doesn’t take care of tomorrow’s troubles; it takes away today’s peace. 

If you already have a life insurance policy and you still have worries in your heart, let us talk about it, click this link for a Financial Discovery Call.

As you do this, you will be a Worry-Free Dad and for sure your children will thank you for tomorrow.

And the children will say: “Dad!  Thank you for tomorrow.”


About the author

Sheila Ong is a legacy architect.  She helps Chinoy families plan and design their financial homes by not only creating a strong financial foundation but also peace of mind, allowing families to do what matters most, which is to have more time to spend with each other. It’s her passion to empower each Chinoy family to create a legacy of love from one generation to the next through proper wealth management. As a naturally shy person, she evolved into becoming a public speaker driven by her advocacy. She has transformed many lives, including the lives of her team of financial advisors and the lives of about 400 families who are now financially secure.  Sheila also values family time as she is a full-time mom to her son.

If you want to know more, you may send her an email at sheila@legacyoflove.info. For more information, you may also check out her website, https://legacyoflove.info/ and Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/legacyoflovewithsheila/.

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