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#RISE – Rebuild. Inspire. Strengthen. Empower.

More than a stepping stone, we are a movement

More than just another pageant, Mr. and Ms. Chinatown has become a platform for dialogue for young Chinoys to share their voice. It has become a stepping stone for most who wanted to do more for the community. Over the past few years, the theme has been focused on the individual and the community. In 2016, it featured “Unity in Diversity”, recognizing that amidst the differences, we all need to be united as one Chinoy community. In 2017, it launched “#NewDynasty”, a generation of young Chinoys who are not afraid to break barriers and step out of their comfort zones. This was followed by “Beauty in DiverCHIty” in 2018, asking everyone to embrace the beauty in being different – Different Individuals Valuing Each other Regardless of Culture, Heart, Intellect, Traditions, or Youthfulness. In 2019, it took a step back from the individuals and refocused on the bigger picture – to build bridges between the Filipino and Chinese community. “#BuildingBridges” was all about cross-cultural sharing and understanding.

This year, it will be more than a stepping stone. It will be more than looking for fresh faces. It will be a movement. From #BuildingBridges in 2019, we want to encourage everyone to join us as we #RISE above the current challenges that we are facing. We want you to #RISE with us.

The Phoenix
For most of you who doesn’t know, we call our crown the Phoenix crown. Last year, we focused on each virtue that the 7 pearls in the crown represents. This year, we want to focus on the Phoenix itself.

In Asia, the phoenix reigns over all the birds as it is the symbol of the Chinese Empress and feminine grace. It also well represents the Chinese virtues such as goodness, duty, propriety, kindness and reliability. For most of us, we know the Phoenix symbolizes rebirth. It is a long-lived birth that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again by arising from the ashes. It is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal.

Like the Phoenix, we want the Chinoy community to #RISE from the ashes and to regenerate as we all show our new and empowered selves even through this pandemic.

R.I.S.E – Rebuild. Inspire. Strengthen. Empower.
As we call on everyone to #RISE with us, we don’t just refer to “rise” in its verb form. When we say R.I.S.E, we really mean that you join us Rebuild, Inspire, Strengthen and Empower the Chinoy the community.

Previously, we wanted to focus on building bridges, but because of the pandemic and recent events, bridges have been burned down, ideologies have been compromised, and racism has come back full force bringing us back to zero. With this, we want to urge you to fight stigmas and stereotypes. We urge you to rebuild that bridge that was broken. We urge you to rebuild that connection with one another.

The Philippines is under recession. The world is experiencing the next great depression. Everyone’s morale is at its lowest point. Given this, we want to join us as we inspire others by presenting the situation from a different perspective. We want to turn the negative experiences into fuel that will drive them to be better versions of themselves. We want to inspire others to see the good in the bad and to see the opportunity in this adversity.

The FilIipino-Chinese community and Philippines as a whole has experienced a tough beating from the effects of the global pandemic. Our frontliners are exhausted, businesses are closing down, people are under extreme pressure and anxiety. With this, we want to strengthen the community by giving back. We want to strengthen the morale of others and strengthen the ties that we have with each culture. We want to start this movement that aims to encourage the community to work together and rise up as one.

Majority of people in this lockdown have discovered new talents and learned new skills. We ask you to empower one other to share these stories of your new “reborn” self. We want to empower others to rise above the challenges that we are facing now. We want to empower others by saying that their stories matter – no matter how simple and basic it is. Like the Phoenix, we want these stories to show strength and renewal, similar to that of the Phoenix.

Join us as we Rebuild our connections, Inspire others, Strengthen the community and Empower one another. #RISE with us this 2020. 

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