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Rise Up With Janeena Chan: “Rise Above the Great Wall”

RISE Up with Janeena Chan Yeungtian-Gutierrez

Welcome to Rise Up with Janeena Chan where we share stories of real-life that draw inspiration provides strength and empowerment to #RiseUp. Produced by the Chinoy Podcast Network, let us continue to rebuild, inspire, strengthen, and empower one another.

For our second episode, we sat down with Jacqe Yeungtian-Gutierrez – friend, mom, and business revolutionary behind Happy Skin and BLK Cosmetics. As Jacqe shares, her experiences on a seven-year marriage that surpassed the challenges of this infamous Chinoy tradition here are some key insights we gather from #RiseUpWithJaneenaChan “Rise Above the Great Wall.”  

“A defense barrier?”

To set things straight: the “Great Wall” isn’t something done out of racial discrimination, as one may assume. Janeena shares that it’s actually because Chinese elders are concerned that people from other cultures wouldn’t be able to understand the strict nuances and traditions that the Chinese culture brings. Not only that, it’s done to protect their children as they don’t want these traits and traditions to be taken against them!

“Secret to a successful marriage”

Jacqe, now happily married for seven years, shares the secret behind her marriage: patience. Starting as a typical “forbidden” love story, Jacqe shares how her husband was able to persevere through these challenges, and how he eventually won over her strict parents with his big heart. As she says, “at the end of the day, it’s your relationship and it boils down to the quality of the person you’re with.” – find someone willing to fight for your love, and learn your culture. And for the parents, always remember that reassurance is key. 

“Is there still hope for love amidst the pandemic?”

With her fairy tale-esque love story, we can’t help but wonder if we can ever find the same especially in a time where ghosting and quaranflings are all the rage. Jacqe shares that for her, it’s all about focus on the good things and keep on channeling that – with your family and with your partner. Not only that, but you should always put God and respect at the forefront of your relationship.

Check out the second episode of Rise Up with Janeena Chan: “Rise Above the Great Wall” on Spotify!

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