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Say hello to the candidates of Mr. and Ms. Chinatown 2022!

Another year has gone by, and we’re more than ready to search for the new Mr. and Ms. Chinatown (MMCP)

This year, with the theme of #Gen新, MMCP celebrates a new generation of Chinoys rising from all over the globe. The next titleholders will strive to be the embodiment of the #ModernChinoy, who embraces the values and traditions passed down by the previous generations while being open-minded and adaptable to the changing modern times.

Check our list of 2022 MMCP candidates below!



1. Vince Anthony T. Aseron (李伟)

Vince isn’t just a fourth-year university student at the De La Salle – College of St. Benilde — he is also a passionate purveyor of the arts! While busy finishing a degree in digital filmmaking, Vince spends his free time as a freelance artist, voice talent, community development volunteer, and more.


2. Adrian Villalon Cotoco (许文利)

As an entrepreneurial live-streamer, podcast creator, and social media creator, there’s no doubt Adrian’s creativity abounds. It isn’t any surprise that he has a wide variety of interests too: traveling, cooking, and fashion are just a few of the many hobbies that Adrian enjoys. 


3. Zedric Raphael Gan (颜铭潭)

Always game for a basketball match or a delicious dinner, Zedric is an MMCP candidate full of zeal for the things he loves. Without question, Zedric has more than enough energy to be the life of the party. 


4. Khurt Hehgel Tan Go (施浩俊)

This entrepreneur takes all the opportunities he has in life. When he’s not on the lookout for good food and great music, Khurt manages his businesses respectively as the owner of KHG Food Hub and founder of Dream Entertainment Philippines. 


5. Kevin Fredric L. Lao (楊啟明)

Is there really a need to choose between brain or brawn? On one hand, Kevin loves to read and watch mind-boggling documentaries. On the other hand, he also enjoys a great workout either weightlifting or playing basketball. Surely, this is the best of both worlds.


6. Alvin Jon T. Lim (蔡友昇)

It’s about drive, it’s about power, we stay hungry, we devour! Always on the grind, Alvin shows that happiness is about keeping yourself healthy and happy with the things you love — whether it’s business, basketball, dancing, or all of the above.  


7. Miguel Matthew Aldric B. Lim (蔡子申)

For Miguel, the world isn’t just his stage — it’s his canvas. If he isn’t working as a video editor, he’s a freelance photographer. If he’s not that, he’s also an actor. And if he isn’t working, then he’s singing, dancing, playing the piano, playing video games, and all the other things that make life enjoyable. 


8. Darwyn Albert Tanya Mendoza (吳永發)

A premier banker by day and a graduate student by night, Darwyn is all about ambitiously chasing dreams. As if he isn’t busy enough taking a master’s degree in history, he’s also decided to enter MMCP, too!


9. Adrian See (施榮昌)

Living a good life is all about balance. For Adrian, that’s dedicating one part to business, one to food, one to travel, one to sports, and one to fashion. Soon, it looks like we’ll get to see one part dedicated to pageantry as well! 


10. Dane Weinbergh Sy (施纯源)

With a strong desire to explore regions unknown, Dane has an adventurous spirit with the body to match! Let it be said there is no such thing as simple ambitions. This MMCP candidate loves a good challenge. 



1. Berjayneth Goc-ong Chee (齐艾希)

This senior college student has got her hands full! Brimming with great energy and greater smiles, Berjayneth is completing her biology degree while serving as a tourism ambassador, events host, and runway model. (Oh, and we almost forgot: She’s Miss Earth Philippines – Water 2018, too!)


2. Karina Michaela Go Ching (莊佩如)

Undoubtedly, this MMCP candidate has an eye for style! It’s not just the fact that Karina graduated with a degree in interior design. It’s also her love for exploring the world’s beauty through painting, traveling, and discovering new flavors in her culinary studies. 


3. Chenelle Fung Co (邱倩宜)

Speaking at least two languages fluently is no small feat; teaching them is doubly hard! With a brain of wit and a heart of gold, Chenelle not only works as a consular assistant in the Taiwanese embassy but also as a part-time teacher that teaches Mandarin and English to little children. 


4. Jersey Mae Kwan (关泽曦)

Who says accountants can’t have fun? Known for her dancing, vlogs, and photography — not necessarily in that order — the bright and beautiful financial coordinator-turned-content creator Jersey Kwan is a marvel to watch!


5. Nicole Trisha Sotamco Lao (刘妮佳)

Walk, walk, fashion lady! After completing her fashion degree at the SoFA Design Institute, Nicole has taken the world by storm by slaying in her multiple jobs as a global marketing consultant, fashion and runway model, digital artist, writer, and more.


6. Lovely Claire Caccam Lim (林愛妮)

It’s all in the name! There’s no question that this MMCP candidate has the charms to enchant us all. Aside from working as an HR manager and marketing officer, Lovely spends her time wholesomely pursuing creative arts, playing with her pets, and singing with her friends and family. 


7. Christine Nicole Ong (王明惠)

Christine knows that one way to keep life exciting is to have multiple fingers in as many pies. After working as an entrepreneur during the day, Christine unwinds by experiencing the pleasure of exercise, travel, and culinary delights. 


8. Mercedes Pair (彭美詩)

Born and raised in Hong Kong, this Chinay beauty is adventurous in every sense of the word. After taking up her undergraduate marketing degree in Dublin, Mercedes bravely entered the world of entertainment, working as a model, actress, and radio host before shifting to become a translator. Now, she’s an MMCP pageant candidate too!


9. Trumaine K. Tia  (張柔倩)

For Trumaine, one priority in life is to keep herself happy in mind and body. Ever one to express her hobbies and passions, this multi-talented candidate loves to indulge in singing, dancing, cooking, painting, cycling, and even aerial hooping! Talk about a free spirit!


10. Man Fung Lorraine Y. Wong (王雯楓)

There’s a lot of work to be done as an e-commerce entrepreneur and model. Lorraine finds her joy by thriving in the creativity of an open mind. Just like joining MMCP, there’s always something new to try and savor — whether that be a new pageant, a travel destination, or the next bite to eat.


Want to see more from our amazing Mr. and Ms. Chinatown candidates? Stay tuned to CHiNOY TV’s social media pages for further updates. 


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