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Seng Di Feature: 3 Heavenly Pie and Tart Shops to Explore

Providing another chance for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to shine, CHiNOY TV teams up with Fil-Chi Ho Tsia Ho Dim to present the Seng Di Feature series, a project that puts the spotlight on local businesses, chefs, food photographers, and food videographers.


There’s just something so heavenly and homey about a slice of pie. Don’t you agree? 

Rich, fruity, buttery, or decadent — there are just so many possibilities to explore! For today’s feature, we’ve taken the initiative to gather three dessert shops that serve some of the most delightful pies and tarts across the metro:


1. Aunt Mimi’s

Contact No: 09178006108

Though Aunt Mimi’s dessert shop just opened during the pandemic, the pies that it makes have a history that goes back several decades. It was originally baked by a mother for her family for many years. Aunt Mimi’s pies are not only born from the finest ingredients but also from the warmth and nostalgia of cherished memories at home. 

“[My mother’s] recipe is 30 years old — a tried and tested formula,” said Merri Chan, who spoke for the business. “The pies have a nostalgic and homey feel that we hope others would experience too.”  

WHAT TO TRY: Aunt Mimi’s specializes in the classic Mango Cream Pie (9-inch – P1,500; 6.5-inch – P850). Other treats and desserts to check out are the Dark Chocolate Brownie Mousse (8-inch – P1,200), Chocolate Roll (P380), and Buko Pandan Roll (P380). 

Mango Cream Pie by Aunt Mimi’s.

Aunt Mimi’s accepts orders online via their social media accounts.


2. Butter’s Kitchen MNL

Facebook: @butterskitchen.mnl
Instagram: @butterskitchen.mnl
Contact No: 09175892949

Butter’s Kitchen MNL was born out of the inspiration and the desire to help others. It begun as a fundraiser that catered to the needs of those affected by the pandemic. Now, the food business has provided more than 3,000 hot meals and daily necessities to stranded OFWs, medical frontliners, and COVID-19 patients by selling delightfully healthy cakes and egg tarts. 

“We have donated more than 200 gallons of alcohol to COVID-19 healthcare facilities,” shared business representative Gillian Cua. “Our newest project is reaching out to a public children’s hospital. We are now collaborating with other home bakers to bring more products and more help to those in need during this pandemic.”

WHAT TO TRY: Butter’s Kitchen MNL is best known for its Portuguese Egg Tarts, which are available in the following flavors: Classic, Ube Halaya, Nutella, and Coffee. The products may be purchased as an all-Classic box of 6 (P190) or box of 12 (P370). Alternatively, assorted boxes are also available in sets of 6 (P200) and sets of 12 (P390).

Egg tarts by Butter’s Kitchen MNL

Butter’s Kitchen accepts orders online via their social media accounts.


3. Tarts.Tita

Facebook: @tarts.tita
Instagram: @tarts.tita
Contact No: 09228518880

Margie Tan, together with her mother, once opened and handled a long-standing commissary that sold baked goods until 2016, when the demands of motherhood made her decide to close the business. However, despite selling all her baking equipment and tools, as well as declaring that she would never bake to sell again, Tan returned to the culinary industry after only six months to introduce a new series of products: tarts. And thus, Tarts.Tita was born!

“Baking is really my passion,” explained Tan. “I am most happy when baking.”

WHAT TO TRY: Tarts.Tita’s best-selling item is its Egg Tarts, which can be ordered in boxes of six in four available flavors: Original (P250), Ube (P275), Ube Macapuno (P300), and Ube Langka (P300). Other popular products include the Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies (box of six – P250), Cheese Cupcakes (box of five – P200), and Mocha Brownie Pie (P650). 

Egg Tarts by Tarts.Tita.

Tarts.Tita accepts orders online via their social media accounts.

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