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Seng Di Feature: 5 delicious eats to order from home

Providing another chance for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to shine, CHiNOY TV teams up with Fil-Chi Ho Tsia Ho Dim to present the Seng Di Feature series, a project that puts the spotlight to local businesses, chefs, food photographers, and food videographers. 

In continuation of the series, today’s feature includes five more delicious food delivery start-ups to order from:


1. Umida.mnl

Facebook: @umida.mnl
Instagram: @umida.mnl
Address: Calle Uno Street, Caloocan City
Contact No: 09176231769

Umida.mnl is a food start-up business that specializes in inari sushi, a delicacy of sushi rice stuffed into deep-fried tofu-skin pockets. Offering a delicious and unique flavor experience, Umida.mnl combines the concepts of Korean-styled tofu pouches with Japanese-inspired toppings, introducing customers to sumptuous sushi that leaves them craving for more.  

“What makes us unique is that it takes dedication and effort in making our own kind of inari sushi,” shared representative Lindsay Tee. 

WHAT TO TRY: Umida.mnl products may be ordered by pair or a 20-piece platter. Its best-selling item is Platter B (P830.00), which offers a selection of 10 different types of inari sushi: Salmon (cooked), Eel, Salmon (cooked) & Mango, Octopus, Creamy Tuna, Octopus and Seaweed, Kani & Mango, Seaweed, Creamy Tuna & Kani, Seaweed & Salmon (cooked).

A plate of ‘inari sushi.’

Umida.mnl is currently available for orders online via their social media accounts. 


2. BINGE Sweets

Facebook: @bingesweets
Instagram: @bingesweets
Address: 130-B M. Pascual Street, Baesa, Quezon City
Contact No: 09954843722

Established in October 2019, BINGE Sweets is an online dessert shop that sells homemade sweets, including a variety of revel bars, flourless cakes, coflax cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. Making everything from scratch, the start-up serves customers with products baked always with passion and determination. 

“Basically, it’s all homemade,” said co-owner Darwin Lin, “And, of course, it comes from the heart.” 

WHAT TO TRY: BINGE Sweets’ specialties are its Flourless Cake (P550) and Revel Bars (P400), which come in flavors such as Davao Table, Ube, and Expresso. 

BINGE Sweet’s ube revel bars.

BINGE Sweets is currently available for orders online via their social media accounts. 


3. Aunty Norz’ Home Cooking

Address: Banawe, Quezon City
Contact No: 09178339600

Created in the midst of the pandemic, Aunty Norz’ Home Cooking hopes to uplift the spirits of its customers by serving them comforting meals made by a mother at home. The store offers a wide variety of familiar home recipes, which include but are not limited to longganisa, cheese sticks, and beef burger patties among many others.

“My siblings and I always enjoyed our mom’s cooking, and how it always uplifts our moods,” explained co-owner Xergg Ang. “Our desire to bring to our kitchen to other people’s homes—Aunty Norz’ Home Cooking became our avenue in doing so.”    

WHAT TO TRY: Some of the best-selling dishes found in Aunty Norz’ Home Cooking are the Truffle Cheesesticks (20 pcs – P150) and the Spicy Ox Tail (small – P1200, large – P3200). 

Aunty Norz’ Beef Mushroom Patty.

Aunty Norz’ Home Cooking is currently available for orders online via their social media accounts. 


4. Fleek Family Kitchen

Facebook: @fleek.familykitchen
Instagram: @fleek.familykitchen
Address: 76 C Cordero Street, 9th Avenue, West Grace Park, Caloocan City
Contact No: 09327705502

Finally discovering the time and energy to pursue his dreams after losing his source of income to the pandemic, John Darwin Lee, alongside his family, opened Fleek Family Kitchen, an online home kitchen that prides itself in offering delicious food and high-quality services. The start-up introduces an innovative menu of crispy fried house specialties (e.g. crispy pata), gata-rich recipes, pasta fusions, and many more. 

“We envision [ourselves] as a new favorite provider of food and beverage, preferred and celebrated for our products and services which are firmly grounded on our D.I.E.T. values—Delightfulness, Innovation, Efficiency, and Trustworthiness,” shared Lee.

WHAT TO TRY: Fleek Family Kitchen’s best-selling items are its Crispy Pata (Regular – P498, Family – P648), Crispy Kare Kare (Family – P338, Big Family – P558, Celebration – P888), Garlic Longganisa Carbonara (Family – P348, Big Family – P548, Celebration – P848), Creamy Tomato and Salted Egg Pasta (Family – P348, Big Family – P548, Celebration – P848), Laing (Family – P228, Big Family – P328, Celebration – P598), and Garlic Munchkin Pandesal (30 pcs – P98, 50 pcs – P158). 

An assortment of dishes prepared by Fleek Family Kitchen.

Fleek Family Kitchen is currently available for orders online via their social media accounts.


5. Sunrise Bakeshop

Facebook: @sunrise.bakeshop
Instagram: @sunrise.bakeshop
Address: Banawe, Quezon City
Contact No: 09176773432

Sunrise Bakeshop is a home-based food business that is known for its light and fluffy chiffon cakes. Named after the sunrise, the bakeshop aims to not only provide customers with affordable and delectable desserts but also to remind them of the delights of living a new day, especially in the context of the global pandemic. 

“When we thought of developing my mom’s chiffon cakes and selling them, we found a productive activity that we enjoyed doing, and that gave us hope that life can continue despite challenges,” said Bryan Kee, who helps manage the family business. “Sunrise marks the start of a new day. We chose that name because each day brings new hope and fulfillment.”

WHAT TO TRY: Sunrise Bakeshop is best known for its Classic Chiffon Cake (P200), Mocha Chiffon Cake (P240), and its Ube & Cheese Chiffon Cake (P280). Aside from cakes, the store’s menu also includes Homemade Longganisa (350g – P165, 500g – P240). 

Sunrise Bakeshop’s Ube & Cheese Chiffon cake.

Sunrise Bakeshop is currently available for orders online via their social media accounts.

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