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Seng Di Feature: 5 Food Delivery Start-Ups You Need To Watch Out For

Providing another chance for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to shine, CHiNOY TV has been partnering with Fil-Chi Ho Tsia Ho Dim to present the Seng Di Feature series, a project where local businesses, chefs, food photographers, and food videographers are spotlighted.

Continuing the Seng Di series, today’s feature includes five food delivery start-ups that you need to watch out for:


1) W Tea Bar

Facebook: @WTeaBar

Instagram: @wteabar

Address: Pamplona Tres 1740, Las Piñas

Contact No: 09162638353

W Tea Bar started out as a small home-based business established during the ongoing pandemic. Offering over 50 flavors of milk tea, the tea bar provides an authentic experience by combining the distinctive styles of similar beverages in Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as sourcing their ingredients from the latter.

“We are proud of our unique and authentic tea blends—made ala-artisan style but with an affordable price,” shared business representative Lorraine Wong.

Having moved from Hong Kong, the family aims to present a unique brand identity. “We put our hearts into every drink that we make, and we believe that our blends are not typical of [sic] the mainstream milk tea… [W]e really want to share our love for REAL milk tea with the others in the community.”

W Tea Bar serves milk tea with fusion styles from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

WHAT TO TRY: W Tea Bar’s best-sellers include the W Classic Pearl Milk Tea (16 oz – P90, 22 oz – P100), W Triple Milk Tea (featuring a trio of pearls, pudding, and grass jelly) (16 oz – P105, 22 oz – P115), and the Cookies and Cream Milk Tea (16 oz – P110, 22 oz – P120).

W Tea Bar is currently available for orders online via foodpanda and their social media.


2) Souper Hot Ma La Tang

Facebook: @kungfusoup

Instagram: @souperhotmalatang

Address: GF, outside Shopwise Arcade, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City

Contact No: 09190016127

Aiming to promote the Ma La Tang culture in the Philippines, Souper Hot Ma La Tang is a hot pot restaurant especially known for its Kung Fu soup, which is composed of 28 ingredients and cooked for 10 hours before serving. Customers may choose a variety of ingredients to accompany the broth, including but not limited to various meats, vegetables, noodles, and other traditional hot pot ingredients.

Managed by a team from China, Souper Hot Ma La Tang serves an authentic and unique flavor experience to local crowds.

Souper Hot Ma La Tang allows customers to customize their soup bowls.
(Left: sourced from @foodmetromanila)

WHAT TO TRY: Souper Hot Ma La Tang’s specialty lies in their Kung Fu Soup (P80 for 350 ml), which comes free after a total minimum purchase of P150.

Souper Hot Ma La Tang is currently available for orders online via their social media, Foodpanda, and Grab.


3) The Cold Brew


Address: B. Padilla St, San Juan City

Contact No: 09178530724

Specializing in the product for which it was named for, The Cold Brew is a coffee business that started mid-pandemic—a time which brought an influx of webinars and coffee-related communities that paved the way for the right suppliers to be found. The Cold Brew sources its ingredients directly from local farmers and roasters to create high-quality cold brew concentrates.

“[W]e explored ways to package cold brew, such as adding milk or flavorings,” explained Jan Kua, a representative for the business. “It was something unique, and it allowed us to share our interests in customizing coffee to our taste. Everyone has their way of preparing coffee.”

The Cold Brew offers four varieties of cold brew concentrates.

WHAT TO TRY: The Cold Brew’s best-seller is the Kalinga Cold Brew Concentrate (P169). Other products include the Batangas Cold Brew Concentrate (P169), the Bukidnon Cold Brew Concentrate (P169), and the Mt. Apo Cold Brew Concentrate (P189).

The Cold Brew products may be purchased on their website,


4) Popa Chicken

Facebook: @popachicken

Instagram: @popachicken

Address: Roxas Boulevard, Parañaque City (Near City of Dreams)

Contact No: 09273111447

Popa Chicken is an online food store that specializes in Taiwanese-style fried chicken pops. Packed full of flavor, Popa Chicken products come with either a powder or glaze option. They are delivered frozen, marinated, and ready-to-cook.

“I wanted it to be a kit that customers can cook and prepare themselves to preserve the product,” said owner Karam Devnani. “Because if I sell them already cooked, once my product is delivered to the customer, it will already be soggy, and [the customers] won’t be able to fully enjoy the flavors and crispiness of Popa Chicken.”

Devnani hopes Popa Chicken will bring the joy that he had felt when he first tried fried chicken in Taipei. “My goal for Popa Chicken has been clear from the start: I want it to be a successful food stall that people line up for and bring [sic] smiles, happiness, and satisfaction [to] my customers once they try my food. Just like the ones in Taipei.”  


Popa Chicken serves Taiwanese-styled fried chicken pops.

WHAT TO TRY: Popa Chicken’s best-seller is its Salt n Pepper Chicken (500 g – P320, 1 kg – P600). Other flavors include Gochujang Chicken (500 g – P340, 1 kg – P620) and Buffalo Chicken (500 g – P340, 1 kg – P620).

Popa Chicken products may be ordered through their Facebook page.


5) The Bicol Express MNL

Facebook: @TheBicolExpress.mnl

Instagram: @thebicolexpress.mnl

Address: 2670 Sandejas St, Malate, Manila

Contact No: 09173147249

Owned by a family whose members had worked in the pandemic-affected travel industry, The Bicol Express MNL features century-old Bicolano recipes passed down through generations. Its aim is to promote Bicolano cuisine, sharing to a larger audience “what Bicolano food is all about.”

When asked what edge the business has to offer, Elijah Ramin explained, “Since our business is just [sic] new, we do not have much recognition yet. But one edge would be that unlike other businesses that offer Bicolano food, our food has the true authenticity of a Bicolano dish.”

The Bicol Express MNL offers authentic Bicolano dishes.

WHAT TO TRY: Bicol Express MNL’s menu is composed of two dishes: Bicol Express (200 g – P100, 400 g – P190) and Laing (200 g – P120, 500 g – P250).

Customers may order on Bicol Express MNL’s social media pages.

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