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Seng Di Feature: 5 online start-ups that will satisfy your cravings

From decadent desserts to ribeye steaks, these startups have them all! 

Providing another chance for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to shine, CHiNOY TV teams up with Fil-Chi Ho Tsia Ho Dim to present the Seng Di Feature series, a project that puts the spotlight on local businesses, chefs, food photographers, and food videographers.  

Continuing this delicious food series, today’s feature includes five businesses that you must watch out for:


1. Doodle Cookies

Facebook: @doodlecookiesph
Instagram: @doodlecookiesph
Address: 21 Alvir Street, San Juan City
Contact No: 09176311094

Bringing fun and unique twist to everyone’s favorite sweets, Doodle Cookies is a business born from two passions: baking and doodling. It offers Belgian chocolate cookies stuffed with popular childhood snacks such as TimTam, Oreo, Reese’s, and Meiji Apollo. All products are served and delivered in customized hand-drawn boxes. 

“Our cookies are innovative and the first of its kind. We are both a dessert shop and a specialty gift shop,” shared business owner Meryl Go. “We practice thoughtfulness in everything we put out—from our stuffed cookies to our personalized boxes. We just want to bring out some happiness and good vibes to anyone who sees and eats our cookies.”   

WHAT TO TRY: Doodle Cookies’ best-selling product is their TimTam Choco Chip (P450), which comes in boxes of four. Other treats include Double Oreo (P450), Reese’s Double Choco (P450), and Apollo Matcha (P480). Customized boxes are provided with a base price of P50, with additional costs varying according to the requested designs. 

Doodle Cookies’ stuffed cookies and custom-drawn packaging.

Doodle Cookies accepts online orders via its social media accounts. 


2. Michele’s Community Store

Facebook: Michele’s Community Store
Address: 127 Sgt. Catolos Street, Cubao, Quezon City
Contact No: 09186648072

Established during the pandemic, Michele’s Community Store is an online grocery shop that sells a wide variety of imported food and drinks at affordable prices. Products include coffee, fruits, instant noodles, and many more. 

WHAT TO TRY: Some items from Michele’s Community Store are Just Drink Latte (P95/can), Suan La Fen Glass Noodle Soup (P130), US White Nectarines (P3,200 – 18 pcs), and Korean Pears (P1,500 – 20 pcs), among others.

A variety of items offered at Michele’s Community Store.

Michele’s Community Store accepts online orders on its Facebook page. 


3. Ahya’s Khusina

Facebook: @ahyaskhusina
Instagram: @ahyaskhusina
Address: Baesa, Caloocan
Contact No: 09253132798

Named after the Khu family, Ahya’s Khusina is an online food business with a kitchen manned by the ahya (lit. older brother) of the family, a chef with over four years of experience working in five-star hotels. Specializing in well-loved Chinese chicken dishes, the start-up hopes to serve customers with delicious restaurant-quality food at affordable prices. 

WHAT TO TRY: Ahya’s Khusina has a mouthwatering menu that consists of Chinese-style Fried Chicken (P288) and Salt and Pepper Chicken (P328 – 800g, good for 3-4 pax). 

Chinese-style fried chicken by Ahya’s Khusina.

Ahya’s Kusina is currently available for orders online via its social media accounts. 


4. Ideal

Address: 33A Biak na Bato Street, Corner N. Roxas Street, Sto. Domingo, Quezon City
Contact No: 09178511688

Ideal is an online grocery store that allows clients to satisfy their cravings while in the comfort and safety of home. Offering a vast selection of premium items, this start-up provides customers with household favorites at ideal and affordable prices.     

“Being a start-up which opened its doors this ECQ, we are all motivated to cater to our customers amidst the new normal,” said Janelle Sy, who speaks for the business. “We have a wide array of premium products, from meat to merienda to dessert, and we can’t wait to share what we offer to more people!”

WHAT TO TRY: Ideal’s best-selling items include Ube Keso Pao (P150 – 9 pcs), Supreme Bola Bola Pao (P250 – 4 pcs), Multigrain Mushroom Pao (P250 – 6 pcs), Kobe Chicken (P280 – whole), Sylvannas (P230 – 15 pcs), Truffle Siomai with Chili and Soy Sauce (P400 – 15 pcs), Aussie Ribeye Steak (P1350 – 1kg), Hungarian Sausage (P250 – 500g), and Peppered Bangus (P240 – 400-450g)

Ideal offers premium meat products.

Ideal accepts online orders via its social media accounts. 


5. Cafe Afterglow

Facebook: @cafeafterglow
Instagram: @cafeafterglow
Address: 358B Guidote Street, Balut, Tondo, Manila
Contact No: 09993063036

Co-owners Kaye Woo and Steven Cua launched Cafe Afterglow through an online platform after the pandemic finally gave them the time to pursue their dreams. Aiming to be a place where customers can relax and unwind, the cafe provides a menu of delectably scrumptious pastries to savor and enjoy. 

“Our goal is to remind everyone that you can reward yourself after a long day!” shared Woo. 

WHAT TO TRY: Some of Cafe Afterglow’s specialties include French Macarons (P250 – 6 pcs, P500 – 12 pcs), Boba Choux Puffs (P280 – 6 pcs, P550 – 12 pcs), Vanilla Choux Puffs (P250 – 6 pcs, P500 – 12 pcs), Fudge Brownies (P600 – 12 pcs), Candied Salted Bacon Cinnamon Rolls (P380 – 6 pcs, P750 – 12 pcs), Burnt Basque Cheesecake (P600 – 6 inches, P1000 – 8 inches), Thai Milk Tea (P120 – Medium, P130 – Large), and Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea with Salty Cheese Mouse (P135 – Medium, P145 – Large). 

Boba Choux Puffs by Cafe Afterglow.

Cafe Afterglow accepts online orders via its social media accounts. 

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