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Seng Di Feature: More Food Delivery Startups To Check Out!

For the past few months, CHiNOY TV has been featuring several locally-owned Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) through the #CHiNOYTVSupportsLocal series. To continue giving an avenue for these businesses to be spotlighted, CHiNOY TV partnered with Fil-Chi Ho Tsia Ho Dim to launch the Seng Di Feature project, where Chinoy-owned food businesses, Chinoy chefs, and Chinoy food photographers and videographers are showcased.

Today’s featured Seng Di’s are four more home-based food delivery startups that have shared their unique food and drink ideas and creations to the public!



Starting in July 2020, OnestummyPH began out of two sisters’ love for Korean food and culture. The sisters, Karren Jade and Christiana Fay Seno, loved learning to cook Korean food. Karren Jade started cooking her favorite Korean dish, Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake) around five years ago, while Christiana Fay learned how to make Kimbap (Korean Rice Roll) a few years later. “Our family loves to cook, and my father has faith in the food we make, so he told us, ‘Why not start a food business?’ We had been planning to open up a small business and this pandemic had made us push through since me and my siobe currently have no work,” shared Karren Jade. 


The two opened OnestummyPH to share their homemade Korean food dishes created with love to the public. As implied in the title, they hope to satisfy their customers’ tummy cravings and to show that there’s more to Korean food than the popular grilling places. Their dishes have been a hit for customers, and word began spreading beyond family and friends resulting in regular customers! The sisters hope to grow the business and eventually offer more offerings and party trays in the future.

OnestummyPH showcases home-made Korean dishes such as its Kimbap!


WHAT TO TRY: They initially began with the two dishes they loved making – Cheese Tteokbokki (P150) and Kimbap, sold in Ham (P130), Pork Belly (P135), and their bestselling Beef (P140), with an additional P5 if customers want it Spicy. They recently launched more Korean dishes: the scrumptious noodle dish Japchae (single serve – P100, 2-3 pax – P200),  the classic Kimchi (sold in 1 kg. – P230), and their OnesChili homemade chili garlic sauce (P90).


To check out more of their products and price lists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!


Since the lockdown began, Erick Chua’s family started planting their own herb garden. This grew from hobby sized pots to fully loaded strings of herbs such as rosemary, basil, and oregano. They decided to infuse their green thumb with their love for sauces and food. The Hungry Herb was born, with their first unique creation being their herb-infused chili garlic. “We’ve just started, but on our first day of pre-orders sold over a hundred bottles with these unique but not unfamiliar favorites,” Chua reported. “We plan to also expand as we’ve begun supplying fresh cut herbs, as well as other sauces like our special hainanese ginger sauce.” With an expanding product line created with freshly home-grown ingredients, The Hungry Herb is proud to serve sauces straight into your kitchens, sealed for your enjoyment.

The Hungry Herb’s Chili Garlic sauces are infused with home-grown herbs from the Chuas’ garden.

WHAT TO TRY: The Hungry Herb’s herb-infused chili garlic sauces are all sold in 120g jars and cost P140 each with a full sampler set costing P500. Among the flavors, the Rosemary Chili Garlic and Basil Chili Garlic are the ones that take the top spot so far! 

To check out more of their products and price lists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!


Federico Sandoval’s family brought over WouldULike Specialty Coffee from South Korea as a joint venture with their South Korean partners to bring freshly brewed canned coffee and specialty beverages to the Philippines. The drink store is a rising brand with over a hundred stores in South Korea and features in K-dramas such as Mad Dog, Doctor John, and Revolutionary Love. “The world is experiencing a rise in hyper-connectivity and busier lifestyles. The quest for convenience and quality is more important than ever. We wanted to have the top grade specialty coffee accessible to anyone, anywhere. Whether it is during a run to a busy meeting or in the middle of a medical emergency, we need a convenient energy boost to overcome our challenges,” Sandoval explained.

WouldULike’s variety of refreshing drinks include its Dalgona Coffee Latte (L) and their Black Sugar Milk Tea (R).

That’s where WouldULike comes in, helping consumers with top-tier ingredients and precise procedures to remain ahead of the curve. They brew only whole specialty grade coffee beans from Korea, and other unique beverages such as ade, milk tea and lattes. The coffee is safely sealed in cans to maintain their “superior taste and freshness.” Sandoval also shared an intention to expand into more stores and hopefully open it to franchising as well to share the unique coffee to people coping with busy lifestyles.

From South Korea to the Philippines, WouldULike promises to deliver a unique style of coffee.


WHAT TO TRY: One of WouldULike’s current bestsellers is their Dalgona Caffe Latte (P160), which is made with original crunchy Dalgona bits from South Korea. Among their variety of refreshing drinks, they also recommend Caramel Macchiato (P160), Sweet Potato Latte (P120), Elderflower Ade (P140), and Black Sugar Milk Tea (P130).

To check out more of their products and price lists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!


High school friends Charles Chen, Aldric Tan, Darren David, Jhann Louis Go, Pauline Wong, and Hannah Roxas were franchisees of a popular KBBQ restaurant that had to close temporarily due to the pandemic. As a means of adapting to the situation and providing people with their KBBQ cravings, they channeled their background in Korean cuisine to create a fun, modern, quarantine-friendly product – premium samgyup bake – through their new venture, Kimcheese MNL. 


Their experimental dish has been a hit among customers so far, with many re-orders due to the bake providing the nostalgia of having a KBBQ dinner. “Our goal is to provide an at-home KBBQ experience where our customers can be safe and practice social distancing. In the future, when quarantine is lifted, we believe that our product will still be much sought after especially now when people realize they have the option to enjoy quality KBBQ from the comforts of their homes,” Chen shared. 

                              Kimcheese MNL’s scrumptious Premium Samgyup Bake will definitely satisfy your KBBQ cravings at home!

WHAT TO TRY: A Korean belly version of the trendy sushi bake, Kimcheese MNL prides itself with their Premium Samgyup Bake (solo – P400, sharing – P750), which is available in USDA Angus sliced beef or savory pork loin slices, and either regular classic Yakiniku marinade or spicy flavors.

To check out more of their products and price lists, visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here!

For more CHiNOY TV x Fil-Chi Ho Tsia Ho Dim lists spotlighting Seng Dis, keep an eye out on CHiNOY TV’s website for more features! 

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