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Seng Di Feature: Where to Get Tasty ‘Gelai’ Dishes for Your Postpartum Needs

Providing another chance for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to shine, CHiNOY TV teams up with Fil-Chi Ho Tsia Ho Dim to present the Seng Di Feature series, a project that puts the spotlight on local businesses, chefs, food photographers, and food videographers.

Today’s Seng Di article focuses on the practice of ge lai, which is the Hokkien term for the postpartum care a mother receives, as prescribed by traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In Mandarin, this is also known as zuo yezi (坐月子), literally meaning “sitting the month.” This is in reference to the mother not being expected to do anything strenuous for the thirty days after she has given birth. 

In accordance with ge lai, a postpartum mother is expected to stay indoors, spend most of her time lying in bed, and follow a strict set of rules which include not being able to bathe and adhering to a diet of only “warm” foods. (Note: Warmth in TCM refers to foods that are believed to bring heat to the body and do not correspond to temperature.) 

Those committing to the practice may find the many restrictions set in merely the diet alone to be already difficult to maintain. As a result, it is recommended to find a service that can prepare the dishes that postpartum mothers are allowed to eat. 

Today’s Seng Di feature showcases one such store: Ahma Shirley’s Specialties. 


Ahma Shirley’s Specialties 

Facebook: @ahmashirleyph
Instagram: @ahmashirleyph
Contact No: 09153753561

Those anxious in their post-pregnancy preparations may take some comfort in Ahma Shirley’s well-loved ge lai dishes, which can be delivered straight to your door! Specializing in traditional Chinese nutritious foods, this Chinoy business takes much care in providing delicious dietary care to both postpartum mothers and those aiming for healthier living. 

WHAT NOT TO EAT: Those taking part in ge lai may be dismayed to hear that not only are they not allowed to drink cold water, but they are also not allowed to eat what TCM classifies as “cold” food (e.g. fruit, raw vegetables, wheat, millet, crab, celery, cucumber, asparagus, and seaweed). Ahma Shirley’s makes sure that, despite these restrictions, mothers will still be able to enjoy tasty meals. 

WHAT TO EAT: Some of Ahma Shirley’s best-selling dishes are its Cha Yochi (Stir-fry Kidney) (P688) and Pot Roast Pigeon (P2,888). Ahma Shirley’s offers both ala carte and weekly packages that cater to a mother’s postpartum needs.


Left: Ahma Shirley’s Ala Carte Menu. Right: Cha Yochi by Ahma Shirley’s (Credit: What Mary Loves).


Weekly Package A (P8,888): Cha Yochi, Cha Ti Kua, Yochi Misua, Pork Rib Soup, Lapu-Lapu Soup, Black Chicken Herbal Soup, and Native Chicken Ginger Soup.
Weekly Package B (P10,888): Cha Yochi, Cha Ti Kua, Fried Pigeon, Black Chicken Sesame, Lapu-Lapu Soup, Black Chicken Herbal Soup, and Native Chicken Ginger Soup.
Weekly Package C (P10,888): Lapu-Lapu Soup, Yochi Misua, Native Chicken Ginger Soup, Pork Rib Soup, Tikua Misua, Black Chicken Herbal Soup.
Weekly Package D (P12,888): Lapu-Lapu Soup, Pork Rib Soup, Native Chicken Ginger Soup, Black Chicken Herbal Soup, Black Chicken Sesame, Fried Pigeon, Pot Roast Pigeon

All of Ahma Shirley’s products are prepared with ingredients fresh off the market and are delivered immediately to ensure their nutritional value. 

Ahma Shirley’s accepts orders online via their social media platforms. 


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