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Signs you’re becoming a plant enthusiast

Most of us are searching for a new hobby or skill over the quarantine break. From baking Ube Pandesals to Sushi Bakes, playing games to binge-watching Netflix shows, there are many activities we can still do while observing social-distancing from home. Investing in houseplants is actually one of those popular #quaranthings that have been circulating across the social media for a while now.

Interest in plants has never been as hyped as it is today. However, many have turned to planting to keep them preoccupied and relaxed. Perhaps, planting is actually beginning to become a new-normal lifestyle. Even those with no experience in planting are starting to invest. Here are some of the signs that quickly say that one is about to become a plantito or plantita.

1. You’ve been saving many plant photos

If you’ve been scrolling through gardening, plant posts or perhaps searching for succulent vendors around Facebook Marketplace pages, then your plant journey is about to begin. Now, don’t be embarrassed because these are just some of the many things many plant enthusiasts love to do. Social media does help find inspirations or discoveries for the next plant investment.


2. Followed plant-related social media accounts

You’ve been watching a lot of video tutorials on how to properly care for your plants, and as a plantito or plantita, this is a great start. Following plant-related social media accounts or sites is a fine idea to discovering what kind of plants you are into. It also helps a lot to learn from the plant community and to be inspired by their plant journeys.


3. You want to re-connect with nature

You’ve been constantly hanging around the garden for that peaceful moment of soothing plant-therapy. You catch yourself pushing plants the next second, then watering them to see how your plant babies have grown. Then take this as the next sign of your plant journey.

Taking care of your plants is a peaceful and gentle process. It is no easy feat, but it reminds us to take things one step at a time and not to rush ahead. Plants can teach us a lot, including finding ways to help reduce the physiological stress we face on a daily basis. It also brings a lot of health benefits as it releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide in the surroundings. This not only freshens up the air but also eliminates harmful toxins.


4. You’re always looking for space to put plants

You have become a plant addict and you are still looking for spaces to place new plants. Then take this as a hint that you’re making your own Jungalow progressively. The Jungalow style emphasizes warmth and coziness. This makes it the perfect project for plantitos and plantitas to build their own indoor or outdoor plant themes with a little touch of their own aesthetic and style.

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