Six reasons to live in Manila Chinatown 

The Manila Chinatown is said to be the oldest one in the world. Since its establishment in 1594, the historical Chinatown has flourished over the years with colorful and meaningful history attached to it.

Some of Manila Chinatown’s most notable attractions are the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch, Binondo Church, Chinatown Museum, newly-restored Jones Bridge, and the old streets of Escolta. But aside from these landmarks that tourists and locals keep coming back to, Manila Chinatown also boasts of the best Chinese and Filipino restaurants like Dong Bei Dumplings, Cafe Mezzanine, and Sincerity Cafe. 

With that being said, we couldn’t help but think about what it would be like to live in the heart of Binondo? So, if you’re planning to get your own space and you’re considering your choices, here are six reasons to live in Manila Chinatown. 

The Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch. The largest Chinatown arc in the world in Manila. /Photo from Coconuts

Existing old-world traditions

There’s always tradition proliferating in Binondo. If you don’t feel nostalgic just by seeing the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Arch, why not try riding one of the Calesas, which are still operating to this day? It might be 2021 but here, old traditions like Mid-Autumn Festival and the Chinese New Year are still major occasions where streets are decked with wares and red and gold.


Binondo Church. One of the oldest churches in the country.

A location where Filipino-Chinese culture come alive

The Filipinos and Chinese have a long history of friendship and if you’re looking for a place that proves this more than anywhere else, then look no further than Manila Chinatown. Only here will you find well-loved Filipino brands like Jollibee or Bruno’s Barbers having Chinese character signages as well. Many a Chinoy has been baptized in Binondo Church followed by post-baptismal lauriat festivities in President Grand Palace Restaurant. 

Authentic Chinese cuisine

Rich fusion of Filipino and Chinese cuisine

At this point, how many YouTube and TikTok videos have you seen where people do a “Binondo food crawl” or “Binondo’s best-hidden restaurants?” If you’re a food enthusiast, you’ll never run out of great food to try in this neighborhood. Are you craving dumplings? There’s always the original Mey Lin. There are also the old favorites like Tasty Dumplings for their porkchop, Polland for hopia and fresh lumpia, and Wai Ying for comfort food and dimsum. 

168 Mall. A popular shopping destination for bargain goods and novelty items.

Everything you need is available in the area

Not all neighborhoods could offer you the availability of essential stores like groceries, pharmacies of both Western and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and other crucial items needed at home. But the Manila Chinatown area has a little bit of everything—from jewelry shops, hardware, wet markets, fresh fruit carts, and even the famous “168” where many people source all sorts of goods.

Metropolitan Medical Center. A 27-storey medical tower fully equipped with diagnostic equipment and a fully automated diagnostic laboratory.

Schools and Hospitals for Chinoy Community

While school is still mostly online, for those who are looking to build a family, living in Binondo offers proximity to some of the most regarded Chinese schools in the capital. Should things go back to normal, it will not be too far to send your (future) kids to Chiang Kai Shek College, UNO Highschool, St. Stephen’s High School, Hope Christian Highschool, Philippine Cultural Highschool or Philippine Academy of Sakya. If you want to be near medical infrastructure where doctors are multilingual or can converse in Fukien, there’s a Metropolitan Medical Center nearby. 

One Legacy Grandsuites. A symbol of sophistication in Manila Chinatown.

A premium address for the discerning taste

What is important to highly successful businessmen and well-established families? Creating and sharing lasting memories with their loved ones and turning them into legacies. What better place would you like to live your legacy than in a premium address to match the sophisticated lifestyle your family truly deserves.

One Legacy Grandsuites will set the standard for unrivaled luxury living. A prestigious home that can be passed across generations, One Legacy Grandsuites holds a timeless expression of opulence that will redefine the meaning of luxury living in Manila Chinatown.  

A product of the best minds from Anchor Land, the leading developer in Manila Chinatown, and world-renowned architectural and engineering firms, One Legacy Grandsuites will be another masterpiece that will offer expansive residences with rich open spaces, an unparalleled view of the Manila Skyline, and bespoke amenities located on two floors: the 10th floor and the penthouse. 

30-meter lap pool. A high-ceiling swimming pool with a sweeping view of Manila.

One of the unique features of One Legacy Grandsuites is the hanging glass lounge on top of a 30-m lap pool, which offers an unrivaled experience in Manila. The fountain plaza, on the other hand, offers a serene place for those who want to take a break and take things slow. For those with an active lifestyle, One Legacy Grandsuites offers sports and fitness spaces, such as the fitness gym, badminton court, yoga room, and kickboxing/boxing room. 

The luxury residence also provides spaces for intimate or social gatherings which includes: KTV room, lawn area, the Entertainment Square, billiard room, barbeque area, pool deck, and the Pavilion. Children also have their own space to hone their imagination, which includes the Children’s Reading Room, Kids’ Play Area, and kids’ pool.  

At the penthouse, families, and guests are guaranteed to be captivated by the elegantly designed amenities. Celebrate milestones and special occasions at the Grand Ballroom. The Sky Bar is the perfect place to unwind over a few drinks while enjoying the magnificent view of the skyline. The penthouse also features a Grand Gallery, meeting rooms for the hard-working businessmen, and an outdoor viewing deck.

Rising at 69 floors, the iconic skyscraper will be fortified against strong ground shaking as a result of the collaboration with two world-class engineering firms: RWDI Consulting Engineers and Scientists for wind-tunnel testing and Magnusson Klemencic Associates (MKA) for performance-based seismic design. 

Located on Benavidez St, Binondo, Manila, One Legacy Grandsuites will become another masterpiece that will mirror the rich legacy of centuries’ old Filipino-Chinese community.  

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