Slater Young x Squid Game: It’s all over the Internet!

Dapat ganito to eh, kung ako nandyan this is what I should have done.


Because of its success, Netflix’s Squid Game is trending all over the world. This week, the internet is jam packed with trivia and memes about it. Spoilers are also all over the internet, and some have made predictions for Season 2. But guess what, People noticed that Squid Game’s artist, Lee Jung Jae looks a lot like Chinoy Artist, Slater Young.


How this trend started

Slater Young, a Cebuano actor-entrepreneur, posted a photo of himself last September 23 on his Instagram account @thatguyslater with the caption “Thank you so much for supporting Squid Game! Trending tayo guys!while watching the trending South Korean series.

Many viewers have recognized the resemblance between the former “Pinoy Big Brother” winner and South Korean actor and model Lee Jung Jae, who plays the role of main character Seong Gi-hun in the series.

On September 20, a Filipino fan tweeted a photo mentioning Slater Young and Kryzz Uy and this is where it all began. It included a photo of Lee with the caption “Di mo kami maloloko Slater Young.



The next day, Slater quickly retweeted the post saying Guys, watch nyo naman my new series on Netflix (face with tears of joy emoji),

But it doesn’t end there. On September 26, Slater Young posted a vlog titled “Engineer Reacts To Squid Game” on his YouTube channel. 


Engineer Reacts To Squid Game

The Squid Game has been crazy popular on Netflix and I keep on getting tagged on Instagram that I look like the lead actor – so I thought It would be fun to change things up a bit and give my hacks and reaction to the series! Enjoy and subscribe!Slater captioned this on his newly uploaded vlog.

Slater mentioned on his vlog that weeks after people tagged him because he looks a lot like the lead actor, Slater and Kryzz became curious about it, and that’s when they decided to watch the entire series of Squid Game. And while watching the series, Slater mentioned that he had a lot of reactions throughout the game. 


Squid Game is the new PBB House

Slater recalled his time as a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother while watching Squid Game.  “I drew so many parallels, the whole time I was saying, Oh it’s like PBB nung nanalo ako nung PBB parang ito yung feeling. Yung may task kami ng PBB ito rin yung feeling so, ang dami kong parallels na dra-draw and not only that, ang dami kong mga reaction na “hindi, dapat ganito to para manalo ka ng Squid Game!”. He even shared that during his time, he won the most amount of tasks and money and not to mention, he won the entire game. 

From the first episode to the last, Slater took a trip down memory lane to show how the Squid Game is very similar to the PBB house as well as the tasks. Taking the players to a different room for their next game, has the same energy as taking the housemates to a different room for their tasks. Also, with regards choosing your own team, Slater can relate to this and even mentioned that this happens inside the PBB house too. They had the tendency to team up with the strong ones. While watching the series, Slater expressed his thoughts on what he would do if he were a player. Spoiler alert! To those who haven’t watched Squid Game yet, Slater discussed some of the games that the players participated in. 


Slater as an Engineer

The Engineer within Slater gave him a chance to share his knowledge about glassware. Since the 5th game is the hardest game, Slater identified the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass. “Tempered glass is heat treated. So, if it’s heat-treated, mas marami siyang process na pag dadaanan. I wouldn’t know from just looking at it up straight forward kung which one is tempered and which one is not but from the corners, tempered glass is softer. It’s parang mas smooth yung corners niya and while ordinary glass tends to be rougher and sharper sa edge.” He also added more information about it, such as where these glasses are commonly seen or used.

While sharing some hacks and his strategy if he was a player, Slater gave his viewers some advice. “It’s always about the diskarte you have when it comes to these types of tasks and that’s why we won a lot of tasks because you just have to think outside the box. I feel like I got that from construction, from engineering where you’re often asked to solve problems that are not on YouTube, hindi mo ma re research, you have to be resourceful, It’s that kind of training of analyzing problems and solving problems on the fly.”  Slater finds it amusing that Lee Jung Jae looks like him and that they had a similar experience, despite the fact that it is only a series.

Slater’s YouTube vlog review of Squid Game and his experience as a former housemate is very timely. The Pinoy Big Brother announced on August 27 that there will be a new season of “Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity, Season 10”. As of now, 28,577 potential housemates have auditioned. Auditions will be held until September 30, 2021. 


Slater admits that his newly uploaded vlog is totally different from his usual vlog but he enjoyed it. With over half a million YouTube subscribers and Instagram followers, Slater encourages everyone to subscribe on his YouTube channel for more DIY, home and home design type of contents and If you want to watch the whole YouTube vlog of Slater Young’s newly uploaded video about Squid Game, you can check out this link


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