Stanley Chi : On How He Made Laughs and a Living with His Voice

 “Kung ano yung gusto nilang content, or yung gusto nilang mapanood from you, ‘yan yung ibibigay mo. Sila naman yung mag-didictate niyan eh.”


If you’re unfamiliar with the podcast industry or have no idea what a podcast is, it’s a collection of audio recordings of conversations about a specific topic.

When the pandemic hit, podcasting proved extremely useful for everyone. Celebrities, influencers, and even artists launched podcast channels on the first to second week of the pandemic. Because everyone was locked up at home and hasn’t had a chance to communicate with anyone other than immediate family, this platform has become a way to receive and express thoughts and emotions. One of our panelists for our Second webinar has a great story about his podcast channel.

With the podcast title “Underpaid with Stanley Chi,” we already have a clue of what he brings to the table. Underpaid is a tongue-in-cheek podcast about work-related topics such as how to deal with a terrible boss, office mates, office politics, and how to survive the corporate world.

Stanley Chi is a media personality who has a long list of accomplishments, aside from helming the Underpaid Podcast. In addition to being a podcaster, he is a well-known comedian, TV host, cartoonist, columnist, and author.


How did The Underpaid Podcast start?

Based on his best-selling book, Office Petiks, Stanley Chi launched a humorous, “pro-employee” podcast for both employees and managers. Each episode not only makes you laugh, but also deals with various but relatable workplace experiences and issues.

His first episode on Spotify Podcast is 57 minutes long and is titled “How to Create the Perfect Resume.” Stanley Chi and his gang of misfits, among them Ramon Bautista, Makoy Pare, and Lexter Santos, as well as this episode’s guest “Asian Cutie” Albert Nicolas, help you in the process. Faye Saguid and Atty. Trish de Guia, their in-house HR experts, also provide advice on how to land your dream job. 

Chi sees how much effort Filipino employees put in just trying to “survive” the workplace, so he proudly refers to them as “Immortals,” calling his listeners “Hello mga Immortal!” implying that despite their difficulties, hardworking employees remain resilient and continue to go to work even if the workplace remains a battlefield for them every day. Chi’s podcast focuses on workplace issues that “speak” to employees, as well as employer tips and insights.

Chi’s 157-episode podcast, which he describes as “kwentuhan ng empleyado sa pantry during lunch breaks or merienda,” has won over listeners’ hearts. If you’ve ever worked for a company, you’ll definitely find something to relate with.


Current career

Stanley has also been in those shoes, which is why he wanted to be the voice for every employee, letting them know that they are not alone and that many people understand them.

To be in his current position, he must be self-assured and confident in explaining to others what reality entails. People go through a lot every day, and we need to validate whatever they are feeling. Stanley’s life experience has led him to where he is now, and he has become a voice for the people. 

Stanley , who has achieved multimedia success in the local industry, reaches out to young aspiring podcasters, particularly those from the Chinoy community.

Stanley’s advice is “If you’re a Chinoy who wants to start your own podcast, you have to love what you’re doing, when you follow your passion, it can be difficult. So, make sure you have extra money, a side hustle, do what you love, and are consistent, tuloy tuloy lang. Create a niche for your podcast as well.”



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