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Staple Things Inside Most Chinoy Household

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From unwrapped to wrapped remote control, what level of Chinoy is your home? Here are the things you would usually find in a Chinoy household:

1) Fu Calendar

Fu word calendar 2020 household 2020 calendar wall 2020 large calendar small calendar family yellow calendar calendar calendar card Fu hanging card.

The Chinese character “Fu” means luck, wealth, happiness, and health, which is why most Chinoy households have them in their calendars.

2) Upside Down Fu

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The reason why an upside down Fu is also put up in Chinoy households is because the words for “upside-down” (倒, Pinyin: dào) and “to arrive” (到, Pinyin: dào) are homophonous. With this, the phrase of an “upside-down Fú” in Chinese sounds nearly identical to the phrase “Good luck arrives”.

3) Wooden Back Scratcher

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Ah, the relief of using dad’s backscratcher. Most of us have probably played with this during our young years!

4) Chinese Paintings

Chinese paintings are a combination of music, literature, and many different regional variations. It has three main genres and has its own characteristics namely: figures, landscapes, and animals.

5) Remote Control with Plastic

If you’re wondering why certain things in a Chinoy household are still wrapped in plastic, it is so that dirt and bacteria will not be able to accumulate. This is also partly the reason why they do not allow shoes in their homes since it may contain dirt from public places.

6) Chinaware

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Chinoy families would never forget having Chinawares at home. Bonus point if your chopsticks are in the color red!

7) Hotel Slippers for Guests

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Since Chinoy households have the No Shoes Indoors Rule, they provide bedroom slippers (usually taken from a hotel) to their guests!

8) Mahjong Set

Photo Credits: Aryan Ngo

By playing Mahjong, we do not only embrace our Chinese culture, we also can improve our memory skills and sharpen our mind. This game helps people make faster decision and have better observation skills. This makes Mahjong an excellent social and bonding activity between friends and families.

9) Wooden Rocking Chair

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When you have your Angkong and Ahma with you at home, you most probably have this wooden rocking chair they use whenever they watch their favorite Chinese TV series.

10) Angpao

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Chinoys value this envelope more than any other envelopes. The red color in Angpaos symbolizes good luck and prosperity in the Chinese culture.

11) Chinese Medicine

Photo credits: Kirsten Lim

Chinoys usually prefer using Chinese medicines over pharmaceutical products since it is believed to be more effective. The reason is that most Chinese medicines are herbal therefore are less likely to have side effects.

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