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Stereotypes that Chinoys Are Tired of Hearing

Living in a diverse country like the Philippines means that there is bound to be a fair share of stereotypes about certain cultures circulating around. They’re usually harmless and are even quite funny sometimes, but they do get a little old after a while. Here are some stereotypes that Chinoys are tired of hearing.


1. They’re fluent in Mandarin

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Contrary to popular belief, most Chinoys didn’t grow up speaking Mandarin at home. They have Mandarin classes in school, so they know the basics and can speak Mandarin in simple situations like asking for directions or ordering food. However, they usually speak a Chinese dialect called Hokkien with their family members, and are probably more comfortable with speaking Filipino or English when conversing with friends.


2. They’re good at Math

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Yes, there are some Chinoys who are absolute Math wizards, but there are also some who can’t do basic Math to save their life. Being Chinoy doesn’t automatically come with a Math gene, so don’t assume they’re good with numbers immediately. Also, don’t ask them to help you with your homework all the time or copy their test answers because they might just be as clueless as you are.


3. They have strict parents

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If you ever had a Chinoy friend, then you’ll know the struggle of inviting them to  group outings because they have a hard time getting permission from their parents. However, not all Chinoy parents are strict, and some of them can even be talked into giving their permission in the first try. It’s just that “having strict parents” becomes an easy excuse for Chinoy introverts when they want to avoid social events, so be prepared to hear that once in a while.


4. They have a Great Wall

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“The Great Wall” is a term that’s used to describe how Chinoys are only allowed to date other Chinoys. This might have been a common rule in the past, but the same isn’t necessarily true for the current generation, so it’s better to ask than to assume. Besides, “having a Great Wall” might just be a cover up for lonely Chinoys.


5. They’re going to pursue a career in business, medicine or law

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Chinoys might be expected to inherit their family business one day, but that shouldn’t be the only option available to them because it’s incredibly restricting for those who might want to pursue nontraditional career paths. Their options outside of business shouldn’t be limited to “safe choices” like doctor or lawyer either because there are a lot of career choices out there, and imposing this stereotype on Chinoys might end up discouraging them from venturing outside the box.


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