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Sunnies Studios Readers: Ready-made reading glasses at your convenience

Known for their stylish and durable sunglasses often seen on celebrities, Sunnies Studios has recently launched their Readers collection, conveniently ready-made reading glasses sold online and in select Sunnies Studios and Digital Walker stores. 

Readers glasses have five lens powers (+1.00, +1.50, +2.00, +2.50, and +3.00 diopters) and come in three styles: Pilot 1, Rectangle 1, and Rectangle 2. According to Sunnies, diopters represent the corrective strength of the lenses. The higher the number, the closer you’ll be able to see. Usually, if you already find yourself squinting to see or read things up close, then it is recommended to consult with an ophthalmologist to see if reading glasses are for you. 

These stylish reading glasses from Sunnies Studios are also available in 2 colorways— Mushroom and Slate. The lenses in the reading glasses are also made to be scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your lenses having scratches. You can also virtually try their reading glasses on their website to see which style fits your face shape the best. with the Readers Rectangle 1 & 2 styles best suited for round face shapes.

The Readers Pilot 1 is an aviator-style reading glass. This style is best suited for square face shapes. 

Readers Pilot 1 in Slate, Sunnies Studios. ₱595. Shop it here.

The Readers Rectangle 1 & 2 are rectangle-style reading glasses that are best suited to be worn by people that are round-faced. 

Readers Rectangle 1 in Mushroom, Sunnies Studios. ₱595. Shop it here.

Readers Rectangle 2 in Slate, Sunnies Studios. ₱595. Shop it here.

If you are unsure about which lens power to choose from Sunnies Studios’ Readers collection, then you can either go try each pair of reading glasses to see the style, color, and lens power that works best for you on their physical stores or follow Sunnies Studios’ Reading Glasses Strength Guide if you simply want to check the best lens power for your eyes.

Sunnies Studios Reading Glasses Strength Guide


Check out the Sunnies Studios Readers collection on their website, Shopee, and Lazada store.  


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