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Taksin at South Forbes Golf City: Wander the Thai tropics in the space of your very own home

Bring adventure to your everyday life by investing in a home full of wonders!

Admit it. Sometimes, life in the city can get a little dull, what with the same hustle and bustle that surrounds our daily routines. That’s why when we do decide to go on holiday, we usually opt for destinations that are different — something a little more daring, open, and free. Imagine, for example, a breath of fresh air on a hilly countryside. Look up, and you’ll see tropical blue skies; look down, and you’ll discover the sprawling beauty of Cavite’s natural greenery. 

You can find this and more in Cathay Land’s South Forbes Golf City, a master-planned township that covers no less than 250 hectares of internationally inspired boutique communities and commercial districts, alongside top-of-the-class facilities that will cater to your everyday needs. With a home in South Forbes, you don’t need to sacrifice modern conveniences for the wonders of nature. Here, you can step into your own exclusive city, already laid out with a local shopping center, supermarket, salons, laundry shops, and more. 

And if that’s not enough, you can also take advantage of South Forbes’ luxurious golf facility. The masterfully planned South Forbes Golf Club, after all, features an award-winning 18-hole golf course that reclines against the picturesque heights of Silang, Cavite. Together with its landscaped marvels, South Forbes not only offers an adventurous experience to behold but also an expansive space of splendor and leisure that you’ll undoubtedly be pleased to spend every day in. 


Taksin: A Thai-Inspired Home for the Filipino Adventurer

Let it be said that discovering your next adventure can also be a relaxing experience. When you enter the gated community of Phuket Mansions, you’ll find yourself wandering into a tranquil world of chirping birds and a calming breeze, with vibrant shrubs of bougainvillea dotting your path towards your new paradise home. 



Enter Taksin, a traditional but modern interpretation of Thai architecture basking in the neighborhood tropics. Dressed in a warm rustic palette, this two-storey house showcases an interior design patterned after a gentle earth-toned color scheme, which highlights the home’s wooden flooring and ceramic tiles, as well as its unique wood-and-glass furnishings. Such fixtures have been planned in line with the cultural traditions of connecting one’s home to the natural environment. 



Serving as the bridge to the outdoor realm, Taksin’s exterior also brings to life the colorful agricultural history of Thai architecture in its exhibit of characteristic bright tones, open spaces, and surrounding lush foliage. Beyond the home, for instance, lies a beautiful greenscape lined with towering anahaw trees and native flora. The neighborhood itself is crowned by the stunning architectural structure of the community’s clubhouse, which features a high pitched roof, a communal pavilion, and a swimming pool. 



All of these come together to create an adventure that soothes and excites like no other. In Taksin, every day is a Thai vacation that will never leave you wanting. Aside from Phuket Mansions, South Forbes hosts a variety of international boutique communities with architectural aesthetics inspired by the unique cultures of Japan, Indonesia, and Paris, among many others. 

Bring the world to your home with Cathay Land’s South Forbes properties. For more information on its exclusive gated communities, log on to, where redefined luxury awaits. 


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