Tatang’s legacy continues as SM StartUp Market officially opens nationwide

SM Supermalls recently launched the first batch of MSME shops at the opening of the SM StartUp Markets today at the SM Megamall. 

During the launch, SM Supermalls President Steven T. Tan announced that they would be opening eight shops under the SM StartUp Package in SM Megamall. 

SM Supermalls President Steven Tan and SM Investments Group Sustainability Adviser and SM Retail Marketing & Digital Strategy Vice President Mara Sy Coson


“From Clark and Pampanga to Cagayan De Oro and Davao, we will be seeing new concepts and fresh products in 13 SM malls under various categories by January,” said Tan. 

The eight MSMEs owners chosen for SM Megamall’s StartUp Market include:

Kurimu, a Japanese-inspired premium handcrafted ice cream brand; 

The Truffle Peddler, maker of artisanal chocolate products from Philippine cacao; 

Ronin Asia, a Japanese aburi maki specialty kitchen;

Isaw To Go, which offers frozen, vacuum-sealed street foods straight from Bulacan; 

AC-San, a one-stop-shop for gold-plated and stainless steel jewelry; 

Alta Skincare Whitening System, a line of clinically-tested skin whitening products; 

Kahel Shirts, which source their fabrics locally; and True, creator, of natural, clean, and hypoallergenic products meant for babies and those with sensitive skin.

All the MSMEs shared similar humble beginnings. Due to the struggles they faced during the pandemic, they were prompted to start a business to support their families. Most used social media to promote their ventures, and now, thanks to SM Supermalls, newly-born entrepreneurs were given the push they needed to grow.

“[The SM StartUp Market] has taken us out [of our platforms] and given us a boost,” said Martin Lugtu, founder and chocolatier of The Truffle Peddler. “Now, we’re not only on social media, but we’re also physically and visibly seen by a lot more people, so it’s really taken our business to the next level,” Lugtu adds. 

The SM StartUp Market is not reserved for just these brands, however. SM Supermalls promises a variety of MSMEs in every mall, where new concepts and fresh products are under the categories of Health & Wellness, Home Hobbies and At-Home Experiences, Smart Gadgets for Productivity, Functional Fashion, and Comfort Food will be seen at each of the SM StartUp Markets. 

“We would like to congratulate the MSMEs who were inspired to follow in the footsteps of “Tatang” and grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Tan.

The SM StartUp Package was launched virtually last October. Under the program, MSME owners who have ongoing online businesses can register and will be given the support they need to set up their first physical store in one of the high-traffic malls included in the SM StartUp Markets list. 

By joining the SM StartUp Package, MSMEs are assisted in opening their first brick-and-mortar shops. The package offers start-up-friendly rental rates and kiosks or carts free of charge; marketing assistance to give the brand free exposure in SM online assets and ad spaces inside malls; financial aid with BDO; and mentorship from SM experts operations and marketing.

“This is a testament to our commitment to the country and to you, our MSMEs,” Tan concluded. “We are on the road to recovery and we will be with you every step of the way.”

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