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Tell Me You’re Chinoy Without Telling Me You’re Chinoy

How Chinoy are you?

We asked, and you answered! Last March 2021, CHiNOY TV released a post entitled “Tell Me You’re Chinoy Without Telling Me You’re Chinoy”, and wow, did the comments section explode with a variety of answers! 

Here are 12 of our most favorite ones:


1) “I drink warm water!”

Ah yes, an absolutely classic. Can’t be too cold, can’t be too hot, it’s gotta be just warm.


2) “Eat the seafood, not the starch!”

We couldn’t agree with you more! Every penny counts.


3) “When calling elders, it’s ‘aunty’ or ‘uncle’”.

In Chinese-Filipino culture, we call our elders “aunty” and “uncle” regardless if they’re our blood-relative aunties or uncles. Unique!


4) “I keep all the plastic bags I can get!”

Now this is very, very Chinoy. Don’t forget the extra napkins when we go to restaurants!


5) “Add black vinegar to that bird’s nest soup!”

Do you like adding black vinegar to your bird’s nest soup? We like the soup plain, too!


6) “Chinese multiplication is way easier!”

Not all Chinoys are good in math, though, so sana all!


7) “Reading this comic”

Yes!!! We remember this all too well!


8) “I don’t make tikoy so don’t ask me for any!”

Every Chinese New Year, Chinoys hear the all-too-familiar sentence: “Pahingi ng tikoy?” No, Chinoy homes aren’t tikoy-making factories, and yes, not even during Chinese New Year!


9) “Why aren’t you home yet?!” *Calls phone 100 times*

Now THIS is something, I think, most — if not all — Chinoys can relate to!


10) “Kotiam = summer OJT”

What summer break? If it wasn’t kotiam — helping in the family business — it was either in Kumon studying extra math or at home doing chores. (No complains, though! These are the things that train one for real life!)


11) “Tiger balm is the remedy for everything HAHAHA”

Tiger balm? Sorry not sorry, we like White Flower better hands down!


12) Pebu approved!”

And of course, the ever-inevitable topic of love. The approval of our pebu — parents — means a big boost in those relationship points!


As new trends come, old ones go. The recently-viral trend of “Tell Me You’re [insert characteristic] Without Telling Me You’re [insert the same characteristic]” certainly made a mark on us, Chinese-Filipinos, on social media. Let us know if we missed some and comment down below! 


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An accomplished young Chinese Filipino writer and media personality, Aaron S. Medina is associated with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Ateneo de Manila University Chinese Studies Program, the Philippine Association for Chinese Studies, and CHiNOY TV. He has a passion for truth, justice, and Pokémon, too! Follow him on Facebook:

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