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The 5 Best Chinese Romance Dramas To Watch on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air as Valentine’s day nears. Whether you have plans or not, cheesy romantic dramas have the ability to lift anyone’s spirits, regardless of how they are feeling at the time. Chinese romance dramas in particular don’t hesitate to use the corniest jokes, romantic comedy tropes, and formulaic love stories. That said, here are the best Chinese romance dramas to binge-watch on Valentine’s day by yourself or with your howe:

Love 020 (2016)

The play Love 020 is based on a well-known book. Two college students named Xiao Nai and Bei Wei Wei, the main characters in the novel, are known to play the game “Dreaming of Jianghu.” When they first meet, Xiao Nai is drawn to Wei Wei right away. But it’s not because of how attractive she is; rather, it’s because of how skillfully and elegantly she plays the game. Then, in an effort to capture Wei Wei’s heart, Xiao Nai sets out on a voyage both online and offline. Of course, there are many mistakes and misfortunes along the road that will keep you hooked!!

A Love So Beautiful (2017)

Another drama adapted from a well-known Chinese novel is called A Love So Beautiful. It is a heartwarming romantic comedy that will have you gushing because of all the heart-stoppingly cute scenes. 

Since she could recall, Xiao Xi has had a serious crush on her childhood friend Jiang Chen. Jiang, however, is a very well-liked student who is renowned for his good looks and brains. Watch the drama series to see how Xiao Xi works nonstop to get Jiang Chen to love her back. You’ll be cheering for them to the very end due to her pranks, her sweet and innocent behavior, and their steadily developing connection.

Accidentally In Love (2018)

Everybody enjoys a good case of mistaken identity. You may create a compelling narrative by adding it to a character that is endearing, funny, and who lives by her own set of rules. 

Chen Qing Qing is a charming, theatrical, and independent young woman who is the heir to a prosperous family. She tries to flee and enroll in college using a false pseudonym after rejecting her grandfather’s proposed planned marriage. She unintentionally bumps into Si Tu Fang, a former schoolmate from the bench who is now a well-known singer in the country. After a string of mistakes, and a lot of disputes and mishaps, you guessed it: they begin to feel affection for one another.

Nice To Meet You (2019)

The storyline of Nice To Meet You isn’t all that original. But what truly hooks you in are the idea and the chemistry between the two actors.

Gao Jie is a budding jewelry designer who is having trouble breaking through. She travels to South America to work for a mining firm in order to achieve her aspirations. There, she meets mysterious Yu Zhi, the heir of a jewelry business, and they hit it off at once. Unfortunately, Yu Zhi’s jewelry business has been struggling lately as a result of severe competition from western businesses. Yu Zhi thinks that for the business to flourish, an emphasis on western styles would be beneficial.

Gao Jie is adamant about continuing to create east-meets-west fusion jewelry with traditional Chinese influences. As you can probably guess, the setting for this isn’t your standard romance, and from their arguments to their gradual courtship, Nice To Meet You has you under its spell from episode one.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020)

One of the more recent dramas on this list is The Romance of Tiger and Rose. It created a stir when it was initially released in 2020 thanks to its superb cinematography and original storyline.

Writer’s block has plagued scriptwriter Chen Xiao Qian recently. She is down in the dumps and decides to completely rewrite the screenplay after suffering a setback in her most recent drama writing. She dozes off one day over her writing desk, and the next thing she knows, she’s been whisked away into the fantastical world she was creating!

But even that isn’t the most unexpected aspect of this story. Xiao Qian is truly the bad guy in the new fantasy realm! She sets out to return home by using her wits and understanding of her own script.

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