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The 5 Types of CHiNOY Moms

Mothers are so important in our lives. From the time we are conceived, these strong women decide to be selfless. They nurture our souls, our minds, and our bodies, often neglecting to care for themselves. Mother’s day is the one day of the year dedicated to showing these powerful women who have helped mold us into the people we are today. Each mother raises their child in their own way, in their own style, but there are a few popular ways of parenting. Which mom-type seems most like your beloved momma?

  1. Soccer Mom

    This type of mom will make sure you get to all your sporting events and training sessions fully equipped and ready to go. She’ll watch and cheer from the bleachers in the scorching heat as you score goals, or even when you cross the finish line in the last place. She’ll don your jersey number, make sure you have all your snacks, and she’ll even volunteer to drive you and your sweaty teammates to and from training sessions because she wants to make sure you know that no matter how you fare in competitions, you’ll always have a loyal cheerleader.

  2. Hover Mom

    This mama is always near her kids. The protective gene is strong in this one, so don’t you even think about touching a hair on her baby’s head. She wants to make sure you’re safe at all times, and yes, it can get a little aggravating, but can you really blame her for wanting to keep her child safe? This mom makes sure that her child comes to no harm, and thought it may come off as controlling, she knows that bad things exist in the world and just wants to make sure her precious offspring is untainted by it for as long as possible.

  3. Mommy Girlscout

    Always equipped with a fully stocked first aid kit, snacks, and umbrellas JUST IN CASE. She’s got her planner in one hand, and her phone in the other as she confirms plans and makes sure her kids and all their friends are on schedule. She’s up to date on traffic reports and always has a little cash for the kids’ taho and fishball treats.

  4. The Fun Mom

    Everyone knows that scene in Mean Girls when Regina George’s mom comes into the room with a tray of drinks for the underage girls proclaiming “I’m a fun mom!” And while the Fun Mom we refer to here most likely does not encourage underage drinking, she will encourage her kids (and everyone around her) to do fun things! From building pillow forts, to spontaneous trips to museums, maybe even getting you to skydive on a family trip. This mama bear wants her kids to enjoy life to the fullest and experience everything it has to offer, and who can fault her for that. Do not think that she is reckless though, she knows how to keep her kids safe and sound and does weigh the risk of the activities so her kids can be carefree.

  5. Tiger Mom

    The most common Asian mom stereotype. The Tiger mom keeps her kid in check, makes sure they get straight A’s, is class president, can play a classical instrument impeccably, and can speak at least 3 languages. While it may seem like a bit much, this mom’s lofty aspirations for her child are all based on her desire to see her child succeed in life. This strict mom just wants to equip her baby with the skills to excel in the real world. She knows what it’s gonna take, so she’ll risk resentment from her child just to make sure her kiddo will get through life as prepared as they can be.

No matter what type of mom you have, it’s clear they’re that way because they hope to provide the best life they can. She tries and whatever the case, she is the best mom you could ask for. Yeah, you may be old enough to take care of yourself now, but she’ll never stop worrying about her precious baby. And I’m sure there are still some times you run to her for comfort, to share your excitement, or simply for advice. So thank your mom for raising you the way she did. Greet her a Happy Mother’s Day, and don’t forget to show her your appreciation every day of the year too.


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