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The 7 Types of Chinoy Moms

The 7 Types of Chinoy Moms

Mothers are so important in our lives. From the time we are conceived, these strong women decide to be selfless. They nurture our souls, our minds, and our bodies, often neglecting to care for themselves. Mother’s Day is the one day of the year dedicated to showing these powerful women who have helped mold us into the people we are today. Each mother raises their child in their own way, in their own style, but there are a few popular ways of parenting. Which mom type seems most like your beloved momma?

The 7 Types of Chinoy Moms

OA Mom

OA Mom, much like Eleanor Young, is the quintessential protective mother, fiercely dedicated to ensuring her son Nick’s success and securing his place as the favored grandson of Shang Su Yi. With an unwavering determination, she navigates the complexities of familial expectations and societal pressures, often resorting to drastic measures to safeguard Nick’s future.

GIF Courtesy of stuckinreversemode’s Tumblr, featuring Eleanor Young from 'Crazy Rich Asian'

GIF Courtesy of stuckinreversemode’s Tumblr, featuring Eleanor Young from ‘Crazy Rich Asian’

However, OA Mom’s resolve is tested when Nick introduces Rachel Chu into their lives. Initially resistant to Rachel’s presence, she grapples with her own prejudices and insecurities, ultimately realizing that her son’s happiness may require her to relinquish some control. Despite her flaws, OA Mom’s journey underscores the timeless maternal instinct to shield one’s child from harm, even if it means confronting uncomfortable truths and embracing change for the sake of love and family.


The Fun Mom

The Fun Mom, akin to Cha Jung Sook’s spirit, embodies resilience and an unyielding zest for life. Despite being a full-time housewife for two decades, she refuses to abandon her dreams, especially her ambition to become a doctor. Like Dr. Cha, she demonstrates an unwavering commitment to her goals, regardless of age or circumstance. She juggles responsibilities with grace, setting a powerful example for her children. On Mother’s Day, we celebrate these Fun Moms who remind us that with passion and determination, anything is possible.

Photo Courtesy of Forbes, featuring Dr. Cha from 'Doctor Cha'

Photo Courtesy of Forbes, featuring Dr. Cha from ‘Doctor Cha’


Tiger Mom

Ming embodies the Tiger Mom persona, driven by a fervent desire for her daughter’s success. With unwavering dedication, she instills discipline, academic excellence, and cultural values in Meilin, reflecting the archetype’s emphasis on achievement. Ming’s intensity and occasional overbearing demeanor stem from a place of deep love and concern for Meilin’s future, even as they sometimes clash with her daughter’s evolving interests and social circles. 

Photo courtesy of TurningRed’s YouTube, featuring Ming Lee from 'Turning Red'

Photo courtesy of TurningRed’s YouTube, featuring Ming Lee from ‘Turning Red’

She knows what it’s gonna take, so she’ll risk resentment from her child just to make sure her kiddo will get through life as prepared as they can be. In the realm of motherhood archetypes, Ming’s commitment to shaping Meilin into a capable individual aligns closely with the Tiger Mom stereotype. Despite the challenges her strict approach may pose, Ming’s actions are rooted in a profound belief in her daughter’s potential and a steadfast devotion to her family’s success and well-being.



The CEO Mom, much like Shin Jae-kyung, Na Hee-Do’s mother, is the main anchor of the UBS Nine O’Clock News. She is a modern mom who balances career success with raising her family. But when tragedy strikes, leaving her a single mother after her husband’s passing, her challenges multiply. Despite her busy schedule and personal loss, she tries to connect with Na Hee-Do, whether through small gestures, quality time, or short conversations. In her determination and resilience, she embodies the essence of modern motherhood, showing that love and dedication can overcome any obstacle.

Photo courtesy of Netflix Philippines YouTube, featuring Na Hee Do’s Mom from 2521.

Photo courtesy of Netflix Philippines YouTube, featuring Na Hee Do’s Mom from 2521.

This type of mom prioritizes structure, discipline, and goal-setting, often instilling a strong work ethic and ambition in her children. While she may be busy with work and have limited time for certain activities, such as attending school events, she strives to provide for her family and instill valuable life skills in her children. CEO Moms are adept at multitasking and problem-solving, and they strive to create a nurturing yet productive environment for their families.


Frugal Mom

In “Fresh Off the Boat,” Jessica Huang stands out as the epitome of a Frugal Mom. Throughout the series, she consistently showcases her knack for finding inventive ways to save money and make the most of available resources. In one memorable episode from Season 2, when her husband Louis attends a conference at a hotel, Jessica seizes the opportunity to maximize their stay by utilizing every amenity possible.

Photo Courtesy of UPTV, fearturing Jessica Huang and Louis Huang from 'Fresh Off the Boat'

Photo Courtesy of UPTV, fearturing Jessica Huang and Louis Huang from ‘Fresh Off the Boat’

Upon entering the hotel room, Jessica quickly adjusts the air conditioning for comfort and tidies up any signs of indulgence, while cleverly collecting complimentary amenities. Her resourcefulness saves money and highlights her dedication to her family’s needs and prudent spending.

Louis was stunned by the unexpectedly high bill, compounded by undisclosed fees. Jessica, always resourceful, swiftly negotiates with Gator Carol to waive the fees and secures a discount leveraging their AAA membership. It’s just another example of how Frugal Mom always finds ways to save.


Hands-On Mom

Hands-On Mom, like Kriz Uy, loves spending time with her kids, whether they’re playing or cooking pancakes together. She enjoys seeing her children grow and values teaching them important life lessons. Kriz is very involved in her children’s lives, teaching them skills and values while also being their friend. For her, the best part of being a mom is watching her kids develop and knowing she’s played a part in their journey.

Photo courtesy of Kryz Uy’s FB page

Photo courtesy of Kryz Uy’s FB page

Whether it’s engaging in imaginative play, whipping up delicious treats in the kitchen, or embarking on educational adventures, she wholeheartedly invests herself in creating meaningful experiences for her children. With a keen focus on instilling values and imparting knowledge, she takes on the role of both teacher and mentor, guiding her kids along the path of righteousness and enlightenment. 


Fashionista Mom

The Fashionista Mom, like Camille Co, finds joy in dressing her daughter in chic and fashionable outfits that mirror her own impeccable taste. Together, they embark on delightful fashion adventures, exploring trends, colors, and patterns that reflect their unique personalities. From coordinating their looks for special occasions to casually twinning in everyday wear, they create lasting memories while fostering a shared love for all things stylish.

With each outfit carefully chosen and accessorized, the Fashionista Mom imparts valuable lessons to her daughter about self-expression and creativity through fashion. As they experiment with different styles and silhouettes, they not only bond over their shared passion but also nurture a sense of confidence and individuality in the little one. Through their fashionable escapades, the Fashionista Mom cultivates a sense of joy and playfulness, encouraging her daughter to express herself authentically and embrace her own unique sense of style.


Mom Is Mom 

No matter what type of mom you have, it’s clear they’re that way because they hope to provide the best life they can. She tries and whatever the case, she is the best mom you could ask for. Yeah, you may be old enough to take care of yourself now, but she’ll never stop worrying about her precious baby. 

And I’m sure there are still times when you run to her for comfort, to share your excitement, or simply for advice. So thank your mom for raising you the way she did. Greet her a Happy Mother’s Day, and don’t forget to show her your appreciation every day of the year too.

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