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The Anvil Business Club: An Anchor of Chinoy Excellence and Leadership

The Anvil Business Club hosted a Chinese New Year’s Party on the 28th of January at the Quezon City Sports Club, a venue where good friends and business partners come to discuss matters over meals, if not across the tennis court or at the swimming pool. There were attendees across different age brackets and backgrounds, and this diversity is what the business club prides itself on and wishes to sustain.


Over the years, the Anvil Business Club has provided an outlet for young Chinese Filipinos to hone their entrepreneurial craft. According to Honorary Chairman Hubert Henry Chua, the organization was created “…for the young generation of Fil-Chi leaders and people who want to learn more about their heritage and culture and want to grow themselves as people.” While the organization anchors itself on professional training, members are also challenged to improve themselves as persons and to stay close to their roots.


On its objectives, Vice President Christopher Yae says that they wish to produce “…conscientious, decisive, and well-informed business leaders grounded in Confucian and Filipino values who can be tomorrow’s leaders from within its ranks.” They educate their members to think outside the box and to make a positive impact on society through their expertise. Their multicultural background should motivate them to bridge communities and lead them forward by applying our shared values. 


In training its members to be future leaders, the organization ensures that they learn from the best. They organize forums and networking events where members can learn from industry leaders. Their exposure to the mentality and experience of these leaders should eventually help them think like leaders as well. The networking opportunities also extend to the camaraderie among members. As young Chinoy entrepreneurs have the same culture and experience similar challenges, they can relate to one another and help each other find solutions. It is a creative environment where members become better not by competing with each other, but by learning from each other instead.


The organization also hosts leadership summits and partnerships across the country and the surrounding region. International and local trips are also offered to help members develop a wider perspective in terms of business. Activities like the “Sportsfest” are also organized to emphasize the importance of health, teamwork, and friendship in the life of any successful person. They are also designed to help the young members feel at home and deepen their relationships with their peers. 


Social responsibility is also one of the club’s core values. The Anvil Business Club also initiates civic projects, wherein members participate and give back to the community by sponsoring social events, gatherings, and workshops. These projects are constant reminders that the skills and lessons they have learned at the club are to be used to serve the greater community. They also help members discover their passions and directions in life. Furthermore, since these projects entail much dedication and collaboration, these are also where many members found their lifelong partners! When everyone is connected closely – and even closer than expected (ayiee) – you know the future is in good hands.


Up to the present, the Anvil Business Club’s orientation is always looking forward. The organization promises to form the next generation of leaders by grounding them in traditional Chinese-Filipino values and by giving them avenues to serve the community. After thirty years of existence, the business club has proved to be an impactful institution that does not only hone professional development, but also preserves culture, fosters ties between generations, and upholds the spirit of community in all its programs. In molding leaders for today’s challenges and instructing them in the values of the past, the Anvil Business Club cements the Chinese Filipino community’s rightful place in the future of the Philippines.


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