The couple gifts, the family: A sneak peek into Chinoy Perry Choi and actress Kris Bernal’s wedding preps

It’s been almost a month since actress Kris Bernal, 32, married her non-showbiz now-husband, Chinoy businessman Perry Choi, 37. The modern wedding was broadcast live on Kris Bernal’s YouTube account.

But recently, Kris also gave her followers a “wedding treat” as she uploaded the never-before-seen moments leading towards her walk down the aisle. Kris, Perry, and the rest of their families who attended the wedding stayed in Conrad Manila for the preparations and photoshoots.

In this vlog, Kris shared that they initially invited 500 guests until they streamlined it into 50 people to attend the wedding in person—a decision they had to make to follow the strict health and safety standards during a pandemic. 

Here are some screenshots if you haven’t seen the vlog yet: 

In this behind-the-scenes video that Kris uploaded, you can see that Perry was very chill, even minutes before the wedding. It’s as if he’s been sure his whole life that Kris is the one meant for him. 

Perry’s Chinoy family was also shown in the video, including his uncle, who stood in for Perry’s father, who passed away when he was only seven.

Also shown in the video were Perry’s mom Vicky Choi and his brother Parker Choi.

For the exchange of gifts, Kris gave Perry a signed Kobe Bryant jersey. “Your two K’s in life—Kris and Kobe,” Kris penned in her letter

On the other hand, Perry gave Kris a rose gold Rolex watch with a handwritten letter that made the bride burst into tears.

The vlog ended with Kris entering the bright yellow Toyota FJ Cruiser bridal car to go straight to the church.

Kris and Perry tied the knot at St. Alphonsus Mary De Liguori Parish last September 25, 2021. In case you missed it, you may watch the wedding ceremony here!

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