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The ‘Digital Events Place @ The Parc’ sets a standard for events in the new normal

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One of the industries deeply affected by this pandemic is the events industry. Globaltronics, one of the country’s leaders in digital innovation, is here to help the events industry adapt to the new normal by transforming several of the spaces owned by The Performing Arts Recreation Center (PARC) Foundation into a digital events place in the Philippines.

Globaltronics, together with The PARC Foundation, aims to fulfill the dreams of the underprivileged youth by providing educational assistance and free performing arts training through the program ‘PARCAralan.’ Their partnership has since been finding ways to utilize technology, talents, and assets to help promote both the development of performing arts in the country and the events industry while following the mandated health and safety protocols.

Digital Events Place @ The PARC‘ aims to be the bridge that will be of help for companies and individuals to have a semblance of normalcy during this COVID-19 pandemic. The PARC Foundation’s commitment to harnessing the power of performing arts to transform lives and Globaltronics’ expertise in digital innovation, a new standard for events in the new normal is set.

What makes DigiPARC amazing is that not only do they set a new normal for the Events industry, but they also create social and cultural impact through its advocacies of Community Development (establishing partnerships to create performing arts-based activities to achieve a common goal) and Artist Empowerment (providing artists a performing arts hub they can call home and at the same time a support group that helps them with their training or production needs). 

Digital Events Place @ The PARC features three varieties of its events place namely, ‘Creativity Hall,’ ‘Black Box,’ and ‘Gallery’ with each of its descriptions listed below. If you’re planning to have an event anytime soon, hurry and plan before November 30, 2020 to avail a special introductory rate at 50% off the price!


If you’re wondering if DigiPARC will continue the business after the pandemic, the answer is yes! It will be a permanent fixture at the PARC. To reserve a venue, you may fill up their online reservation form.

Globaltronics launched the Digital Events Place @ The Parc through a free webinar on October 29, 2020. Follow their Facebook page and for more updates.

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