The Rising Tiktok Star | Meet Adrian Cotoco

Adrian Cotoco is a celebrity on the rise! This gen-z Chinoy started his Tiktok account during the start of the quarantine period and since that short span of time he’s gained almost 250 thousand followers and 2.5 million likes on the platform.


His videos talk a lot about Gen-Z and Chinoy life, a choice he makes deliberately for the purpose of wanting to share his culture to the world!


Learn all about this Tiktok sensation through our little Q & A!


Can you share a bit about yourself?

I am Adrian Cotoco, 21 years old, born and raised in Quezon City. I studied preschool to high school at St. Peter the Apostle School. I earned my college degree at De La Salle University. After college, I flew to Shanghai and took one semester of Mandarin Language Program in Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


As a kid, growing in a Chinese household is a bit scary. I had to follow all these rules and traditions that I do not even understand. But when I grew up and my grandparents explained to me what those values that I learned are for, I realized that Chinese people are very disciplined and highly moral. I would wish to pass this culture to my future children and make them appreciate our culture that is definitely worth keeping in the family line.

What led you to make Tiktok Videos?

To be honest, I started doing TikTok videos out of quarantine boredom. I was not doing anything when I got back from Shanghai and I discovered that TikTok was a booming platform back then. I really loved how people can just be their crazy selves without being judged. I tried it because for the longest time, I really want to be in the entertainment industry. Although without any hopes and expectations to be actually famous, I still tried making videos and to my absolute surprise, it worked! My dream is finally coming true.

How do you make your Tiktoks?

I have a very active and crazy mind. I just randomly think of concepts mostly based on real life experiences. I make a lot of Chinese videos because I grew up living in this culture. I’m happy to share my culture and I love that people actually appreciate it (despite some haters).


I produce my videos all on my own. I actually have a day job now so I wake up at 9am to go to work, I finish at 7pm, then I rest until 9. After that, I film videos from 9pm to 3am for my next day’s content.


What are the usual inspirations for your videos?

My usual inspiration for my videos are my life experiences. I want to share what I’ve been through with the hopes of inspiring others too. I tackled Chinoy culture because I want to share our traditions and make other people understand how we go through life.

What’s the hardest part of being a Tiktok artist?

For me, it’s the haters and bashers that make the TikTok experience hard. I was just a normal person before all this. I gained “fame” overnight if that’s how you call it. People just suddenly recognized me so I was also surprised. I was not prepared nor trained for this. Yes, I can handle haters and bashers but I am not perfect. They get under my skin sometimes and I answer them. Although I know it’s better not to engage them, I am still learning how to be more forgiving and patient. I am just human after all.

What is something about yourself that makes you proud to be Chinoy?

I am proud to be Chinoy as I get the best of both worlds. I get to mix it up a little and be proudly part of both cultures. I just love that I can be both without judgment.


Is there a certain stereotype you’re hoping to break with the content you produce?

With the very sensitive issue now, I want to make people realize that us Chinoys also love the Philippines, we are not here to take over your culture, instead, we are one with you. We would also fight for our freedom and would be the bridge between Chinese and Filipinos. We may be Chinese by blood, but we are also Filipino by heart.

Can you give a few words of advice for Chinoys who want to make online content like you?

Go for it. Try new things. Do what you love and enjoy. As long as your content makes you happy and laugh too, then do it for your own happiness first. Fame is just secondary to that.



And that’s it for our Q & A with Adrian Cotoco! Now you know more about this Tiktok star!


Check out his Tiktok at @adycots!

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