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The Rundown: Business Feng Shui Tips with Master Kevin Foong

In partnership with CHiNOY TV, Globe Business invited renowned Feng Shui Master and Bazi Consultant, Kevin Foong, who has more than 20 years worth of expertise in Feng Shui, to talk about the business outlook in 2023. Through Feng Shui, he was able to establish a multimillion business at the young age of 28. 

The pandemic has pushed businesses to join the digital space; Foong recommended brick-and-mortar businesses to leverage the online platform not only for the sake of sales but also for the myriad tools and services made available for business owners like big data which allows them to make critical and informed business decisions.


The industry outlook of 2023 based on the five Chinese elements offers a glimpse into which industries are likely to grow and which need to evaluate and correct certain deficiencies.

The Water industry, which is heavily tied to ecommerce, is expected to rise. The Earth Industry, such as Property, Healthcare, Insurance, Gems, Stones, and Coal are also expected to grow. As for the underperforming industries, inflation and deflation, underwhelming stocks, and overproduction are likely to create fluctuations for the types of businesses indicated above. 

In 2023, it is expected that the economy will flourish at the beginning of the year but will become volatile at the latter part of the year due to the US economy’s expected recession, the high interest rate environment, inflation and deflation, and a prediction that a virus will once again hurt the economy in April. Kevin Foong advises taokes to have a solid Plan B to mitigate these possible scenarios. 


BaZi roughly translates to English as “Eight Characters” and it’s a Chinese astrological analysis method that predicts your destiny or helps you better understand your career, relationships, and self based on your birth year, month, day, and hour. 

BaZi roughly translates to English as “Eight Characters” and it’s a Chinese astrological analysis method that predicts your destiny or helps you better understand your career, relationships, and self based on your birth year, month, day, and hour. 

If you have the Rat, Rabbit, and Dog in your Bazi, you must learn new ways to increase your assets and business expansion. For Rat, Snake, Dog, and Ox, you must expand your network or find the right partners and collaborations for your visions. For Rat, Rabbit, Dog, and Dragon, you should exert more effort into marketing. For Snake, Dragon, and Monkey, you should expand or branch out to different parts of the country or world, for example. For Snake, Goat, and Monkey, it’s best to improve a key performance indicator by mastering new skill sets and opening paths that can fix or give you better opportunities. For the Rat, Dog, and Horse, you should build better bonds with families and friends.

If you have the Rat, Goat, Ox, and Rabbit in your Bazi, risks of injuries are higher for you. For the Rooster, Monkey, and Ox, you should watch out for your business expenditure and be careful with your investments and cashflow. For the Pig, Rat, and Rooster, do not engage in gossip and focus on your craft. 



RAT. It’s important to do more in your business by pushing your boundaries either in terms of your products and services or the way you do your business. It’s also important to carefully craft your marketing strategies as some brands may make mistakes that will offend the audience and put your business in the red. Look more into collaborations like influencers and capitalize on your marketing. You may also feel more pressure in 2023 and you’re more inclined to mood swings so it’s important to relax every now and then. 

TIGER. You should diversify your business by expanding your scope or adding more value to your business. This year, you’re likely to get sick so it’s important to take good care of your health. You should also take note of your legal documentations and be more careful in legal processes. 

RABBIT. Marketing efforts should be expanded. You have greater prospects of gaining more income this year. It’s also key to look for new tools and opportunities to improve your business. People will also pay more attention to what you are doing this year which may be good or bad based on your actions.

DRAGON. Consider venturing out and taking on overseas offers and growth opportunities. You should also veer away from the victim mindset especially when your performance is less than ideal at work. Practice accountability and evaluate your work to find a solution.

SNAKE. Leverage other people’s help and expand your network for partnerships and collaborations. It’s the year to venture abroad and go beyond your comfort zone. Like the Tiger, you should also be more careful with litigation and government authorities. 

HORSE. Work with female colleagues or mentors to add value to your business as you have a lot of female benefactors this year. Be prepared for unforeseen changes by evaluating your data.

GOAT. Leverage marketing opportunities this year. Your problems may be bad but they will be resolved in the end. You should worry less about your problems and instead focus on how others solved the problems you have. You’re likely to subject yourself to injuries at the beginning of the year.

ROOSTER. You are clashing with the Rabbit. You are likely to experience great changes from March 6 to September 6. You may experience difficulties and problems in your relationships and investments. It’s important to find out where the change is coming from and create a plan for it.

MONKEY. Amidst your problems, good people are coming to help you. You can maximize your products by using your SOPs. Stay sharp in managing your money as some of your wealth may be compromised or lost. 

DOG. Leverage partnerships and collaborations and step out of your comfort zone to expand. PIG. Networking is essential as you are likely to get invited to events.

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