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The Secret to Creating a Successful Organic Skincare Brand

In the past few years, skincare has been thrust into the spotlight. People are more conscious about what works for their skin and are eager to learn more. Many are also trying to buy items that are as organic and natural as possible. The problem with clean and natural skincare is it can be boring, but locally grown brand Rraw has found the balance between fabulous and organic.

Taking skincare online

Ira and Irene Tan, Filipino-Chinese sisters from Iloilo City, is the duo behind RRAW.

“My sister and I actually started making soaps for fun! From there, we kind of just fell in love with the process and here we are today,” said Irene. “We’ve just always kept the ball rolling and never stopped. The skincare market is so competitive, but what really separates us from the big brands is that we love to listen to your skin concerns and help you find the products your skin needs.”


They started their business in 2014 and have mastered the online space, but social media has changed a lot since they started. “We used to be such a small community, exchanging skincare tips and product recommendations. Instagram’s algorithm used to be so different, which is why we all kind of knew each other,” Irene recalled.  “Now in 2021, it’s highly competitive, but even then, our customers have remained so loyal to us. Consistency is key and I know for a fact our products are consistent in their results.”

Now, the skincare space is overloaded with information that sometimes it’s pretty scary to even get started on your skincare journey. “Honestly, skincare is not as intimidating as social media makes it to be!” Irene promised. “These days, you have people feeling pressured to do a 10-step routine, buy an expensive this or that tool, but ultimately it just comes down to being consistent with the products you use. Listen to your skin and drink your water.”



The Allure

Of course, quality skincare products help, too. “We want to deliver to you powerful ingredients that are kind to your skin.” It’s the mission statement that keeps Rraw churning out stellar products that highlight all-natural formulas and eco-conscious packaging. “It’s important to us because we want your skin to be as healthy as possible. All natural ingredients are so important because what you put on your skin is just like what you put in your body,” they said.

“Same goes for being eco-friendly. Our packaging boxes are paper mache and dissolve in water! What we put into this world is essentially what we put into our body also. We should be mindful of those things because our body/skin deserves the best. We only have one!” they added.

One of the allures of Rraw products is that they are eye candy. And the best part is the beauty of their offerings go hand in hand with great solutions to a variety of skincare solutions. “What inspires us the most when creating products is the story that there is someone out there struggling with different types of skin problems and we want to do our part to help.

“We love adding coloring, [and] creating such cute packaging, because we want your skin routine to be super fun! We don’t want you to feel like doing your skincare is a chore, so we try to keep our products fun and colorful so that every time you open that tub of Whipped Body Frosting or apply that pump of Infused Body Oil, you can’t wait until you do it again!”

“Something we’ve always emphasized is that there are no rules to skincare! It’s all about having fun! If one day someone is telling you to apply serum before toner and it works for you, go for it!” Irene enthused. “If another is telling you to apply your Herb Facial Serum to your hair, why not? This is actually true, by the way. We have one Rraw babe that shared how it helped her hair from being frizzy throughout the day.”



The Business of Skincare

Achieving perfection with their products and formulas couldn’t have been smooth sailing for all of them. Irene confirmed this, saying, “Our Icing Butters — these were so hard to package and make them super colorful! Thankfully though, we figured it out and now they are better than ever with even more yummy-smelling ingredients!”

What’s exciting about Rraw is that they take risks with their product lines, and they usually pay off. A good example is their Infused Body Oils, which turned out to be more popular than the sisters expected. “We used to only have four in the line, but now we have eight different variants. These oils are super popular with preggy mommies because they help lighten dark spots and reduce stretch marks!”

Irene also shared, “My favorite products are our Liquid and Cream Fresh Sunblock and our Herb Facial Serum! Those products make up my skincare routine.


Rraw turns 7 years old this year, and the business is undoubtedly a success. “Every day we wake up and we are so thankful to be here,” said Irene. “We are so thankful for our Rraw babes that have trusted us for years. We are so happy to be making an impact on the beautiful faces of our generation with our products.”

Not only have they been impacting the beauties of the Philippines, but those in North America and Singapore, as well. “Although our main hub and focus is still on our PH side. We’re two sisters, and my older sister is very hands on with Rraw Canada since she lives in Toronto.”

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Irene advised, “Just do it! Start that business! Get that coin! There are 7.6 billion people in the world and you’re telling me not one of them will support you? Not one of them will buy something from your business? The world is full of kind strangers. Take a chance on yourself! You are the most important investment you can make.”

We agree. Now, excuse us as we indulge in some self-love by upping our skincare game.


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