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The Skyfam Reels: Kryz Uy and Slater Young’s Son Scottie at His Cutest

Sometimes, all you need for a happy boost of serotonin is a cute baby video — and what better source is there than Kryz Uy’s IG collection of Baby Scottie’s adorable antics!

Now a bright and bubbly two year old, Scott Knoa Young — affectionately nicknamed Scottie — has #blessed our online feeds with viral reels so wholesome, we’re convinced that he is the *purest* manifestation of a cinnamon roll in human form. Such is his power that it would be an absolute crime for us to not share him with the rest of the world. 

And so here we are now, rewatching all of Scottie’s best moments for the better good of the country. From playing with siopao sioti to waiting for his mom’s M&M rewards, here are Scottie’s most charming and endearing clips for the internet to enjoy!


1. My favorite food…

Usually, you’d expect a kid’s favorite food to be chocolate or ice cream. But not Scottie! This precious bean’s long-time faves are patola and labanos — healthy vegetables that any parent would be happy to get their children to eat! It’s no wonder that Daddy Slater can’t help but jokingly ask why this is always his answer. 

Watch the reel here: @kryzzzie 


2. Green onion, omnom. 

“I like to eat green onion. I like to eat green onion,” chants Scottie as he munches on a stalk on the backseat of the family car. It’s almost hypnotic, really. We’re convinced. We like green onions too, Scottie-boo! 

Watch the reel here: @kryzzzie


3. Where are you going, Vacuum?

It’s a truth well-known that everyone gets attached to their pet roomba, and Scottie is certainly no exception! Following the little white cleaning machine zooming around their wooden floor, the two year old can’t help but tirelessly pester: “Where are you going, Vacuum?!”

Watch the reel here: @kryzzzie 


4. Shoti, walk walk!

There was no way we could resist adding this reel to the list. The little Skyfam bros are just way too adorable together! Being the ever-responsible ahia, Scottie doesn’t only spend his time stopping his younger brother Sevi from crying, he also helps Sioti “walk” around with a piggyback ride.

Watch the reel here: @kryzzzie


5. I love you, Sioti Siopao.

If you need any more proof of Scottie being the most loving ahia ever, this reel will definitely erase all your doubts! Trust us. There could not be anything possibly sweeter than Ahia Scottie Honeybunch telling Baby Sevi, “I love you, Siopao! I love you, Sioti Siopao! Hug!”

Watch the reel here: @kryzzzie


6. Daddy, wake up!

“Daddy, wake up! I’m going to bang-bang you!”
“I love you, Daddy!”
“Daddy, wake up! We have work!!”

Let it be known that we will always appreciate Scottie’s creative efforts in getting Daddy Slater to wake up!

Watch the reel here: @kryzzzie 


7. Mommy, can I have more M&Ms?

Mommy Kryz spent two years waiting for the right time to spring the viral patience test on Scottie, and it looks like it paid off! Simply put, the challenge started with Scottie having one M&M right in front of him. If he ate it before Mommy Kryz came back from the bathroom, he could only have one. But if he waited for her, he could have more.

In Scottie’s own words: “I have my surprise there. A brown surprise. An M&M! One M&M! If you wait for mommy, I can have more M&Ms! Don’t eat. Don’t eat. When you wait for mommy, you can have more!”

What’s the result, you ask? 

Watch the reel here: @kryzzzie



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