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These Chinese delicacy shops deliver mooncakes right to your doorsteps!

The Mid- Autumn Festival is coming and so is the mooncake season! This festival is celebrated every 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar (农历八月十五日). Friends and families usually gather and play the dice game and try to win the largest prize that they can win.


The pandemic has been disrupting the way we do things–even the way we shop for delicious mooncakes. There are now more creative ways to celebrate the festival (for instance, online dice games are popular these days)! Moreover, your favorite shops are also doing their best to still provide your mooncakes amid the pandemic, and here’s how you can order from them.


Ho-Land Hopia is one of the go-to souvenir shops in the heart of Binondo locating in 511 Yuchengco St. Binondo Manila. This authentic bakery is like no other because their delicacies are original and from their Chinese ancestors. They specialize in making genuine Chinese pastries and food.

Their best-sellers are hopia, pies, and mooncakes! To order their Chinese delicacies click here for their order info and here for their mooncake bundles. You can reach them through the following numbers:

Mobile number 09228168551
Landlines 82429709, 82429595, 77563045



This store has been making its specialties since 1966! They’ve been making their well-known mung bean cakes for the Flipino Chinese communities since then. Now, you can find them in your favorite malls, convenience stores, and neighborhood Polland outlets!


Guess what? You can now buy Polland’s mooncakes together with their hopias through foodpanda and Shopee apps! With just a few clicks away, your favorite snacks can be delivered to you ASAP! Here’s the link for their Shopee and Facebook Page. You can also reach them through their landlines 87314995


And last but not least…





Eng Bee Tin is known for its wide variety of Chinese delicacies and is the oldest among the shops in this list. Eng Bee Tin was established in 1912 in a simple stall in Binondo and has since then become famous for its tikoy, hopia, and glutinous peanut balls. They are also the pioneer in combined flavored hopia like Hopia Combi (2 in 1 flavor) and Mochipia (Hopia with Tikoy at the center), among others.


You can now get their ube-licious snacks such as Ube Hopia, Ube Siopao, Ube Tikoy, and Ube Mooncake in Lazada, Shopee, and their website. Reach them through their hotline number 82888888


What are you waiting for? Order your favorite mooncake now!

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