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These TV hosts will help you explore and learn more about your language

Have you been interested in learning English, Filipino, Mandarin Chinese, and Hokkien all at the same time, but don’t know where to begin? Perhaps, this is your sign to check out Chinoy TV’s latest segment ‘Chinoy Speak.’

Whether you’re looking for a new learning endeavor, skill, or outlook in life. Chinoy Speak is finally here to provide you with all the main features of English, Filipino, Mandarin Chinese, and Hokkien grammar.

Meet your two amazing hosts leading you on your learning journey on the various topics of Chinoy Speak!


Gian Patrik

I currently work as a Chinese teacher at my alma mater, Davao Christian High School after studying in Manila and China for college.

I can be a dweeb sometimes when you mention video games and animé, most especially when it’s about Naruto, Digimon, and Final Fantasy. I also like to do sports such as badminton and table tennis during my free time.

As a teacher, it’s natural for me to have the skill of talking in front of a crowd, but believe it or not, I have a more introverted side. Throughout my experience of being a teacher, I always kept an open mind and relate myself to my listeners as much as possible to which a lot of my former students do appreciate. In my opinion, to be a great host or speaker is to be open-minded and relatable to your audience. No matter what kind of crowd you face, you have to be comfortable talking to them as if you were just having a casual conversation with a friend.

Chinoy Speaks is an avenue for us to learn Filipino, Chinese, and English together. It’s also a way to take pride in our multi-linguistic ability as Chinoys. Language is meant to build bridges across cultures and not burn them. When you learn different languages, you gain a better understanding of a culture that is unfamiliar to you, and by doing so, it gives you a whole new perspective and makes life even more interesting.


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Mary Grace Khu

You can call me MG for short. I’m currently a digital, events host and singer, commercial model, on-cam and voice talent, freelance storyteller, and part-time teacher.

I started professionally back in the year 2011 when I auditioned with Chinoy TV. Prior to that, I’ve been exposed to performing on stage and being in front of a crowd during school year programs. I guess starting early, around the age of 17, had helped me develop my skills in terms of speaking in front of a crowd or on camera. A lot of factors to consider like eye contact, building rapport, way of delivery, etc. But, I believe learning is an unending process. Each hosting experience would add up to my learnings so that I can be better the next time around.

I see Chinoy Speak as a way how we, Chinoys, have been flexible enough to learn different languages all at the same time (English, Filipino, Hokkien, Mandarin). It is to develop that love for learning and understanding how being multilingual helps foster relationships through better communication. Also, to make learning fun and easy in this digital age. From listening to understanding useful words, phrases, to sentences with its right usage.


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