This 9.9, we’re launching A New Voice for the modern Chinoy.

Welcome to the Chinoy Podcast Network, dedicated to giving Chinoys a platform to express oneself. In line with the launch of the Chinoy Podcast, we are launching a 3-day webinar on 9.9, 9.17, and 9.24 with the following esteemed guest speakers:


9.9: Chinkee Tan, Valerie Tan, Janeena Chan, Max Tiu 

9.17: Stan Sy, Zahn Yu, Stanley Chi, Mish Tan

9.24: Richard Juan, Nicole Alba, Ady Cotoco, Carl Dy


Under the handle “The Power of our Voice: Making Our Choice in the Road Less Travelled,” they’ll be talking about why they ventured into podcasting, stories about Adulting and Career, Self-help and Development, Business, and various tips on how important communication and your way of thinking are in life.

Do register ahead so you can join this exclusive webinar via Zoom! 

At CHiNOY Podcast Network, we would like to support other Chinoys interested in publishing their podcast or helping existing podcasts reach new heights. We also endeavor to have Chinoys’ voices heard so that people can become acquainted with various Chinoy values and the stories behind the personalities. 

Suppose you haven’t already subscribed and followed us on Chinoy Podcast Network. In that case, we’d like to inform you that Chinoy Podcast Network already has several podcasts on its roster, including Rise Up with Janeena Chan, Mishconceptions – Adulting and Career Podcast with Michelle Tan, and DAD. D.I.Y. Academy with Carl Dy.

The Podcast episodes are about 30 minutes to 1hour long and conducted through our podcast website. You can visit us at

Thank you, and follow us as we share stories of the modern Chinoy. Only here, at Chinoy Podcast Network.


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