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This ‘Sippy Face Mask’ Lets You Safely Satisfy Your Milktea Cravings

Large Milktea? Try a gallon! Milktea lovers, this one’s for you! With our country’s Milk Tea obsession and love for celebrations and gatherings, Gallontea has made this possible by brewing the best-imported ingredients ensuring freshness and quality that your loved ones will surely enjoy—the perfect drink for gifts and other celebrations!

In order to adapt to the normal that we consider today, there are days when we can’t avoid going out. We have got to rush to do our errands as fast as possible but then we are faced with another dilemma — How do we quench our thirst while we’re outside?

And just when we thought a Gallon Milktea is enough, Gallontea announced their SIPPY FACE MASK PROMO — a safe way to enjoy our drink without having to remove our face mask! How amazing is that?!

With every P1,000 single-receipt purchase from August 14-18, customers get the EXCLUSIVE Sippy Face Mask for free! It’s made of 3-ply microfiber fabric with a silicone button where you can insert your straw! The best part? It can even fit the sinkers of our favorite drinks. (Yes, even those large Tapioca Pearls that we all love!) The facemasks are reusable so you just need to wash them once you get back home and they’ll be ready for the next time you have to go out. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, it also has a nose strip wire to perfectly fit our face as well as a pocket filter in case we want to add another layer of protection! Talk about quenching our thirst while staying safe!

This has been made possible with the exclusive partnership of Gallontea and with fellow Fil-Chi owned business Shnukum Manila (@shnukummanila).

“Shnukum has been selling top quality face masks since the start of the pandemic, we approached them with the design in mind and they made it happen,” says Gallontea Owner, Chase Chianpian.

“We tackled it with the same approach as we do with all our products, it took a while to perfect but this collaboration is something that we’re really proud of,” says Shnukum Manila Owner, Melody Chiaoco.

Check out their full menu here:

Hurry! Promo runs from August 14-18 only! See the full mechanics and reach them through Facebook ( or Instagram (@gallontea).

Gallontea delivers ANYWHERE within Metro Manila through their partner couriers! You may also check them out in FoodPanda and Lalafood! They are located at GLI Building, J.D. Villena, 6189 Gabaldon, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila (Gallontea Makati).

Make sure to order in advance to receive your gallons and avoid the wait!

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