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This Xavier-ICA Bazaar Helped Small Businesses and COVID-19 Patients

The global pandemic has affected many businesses and families. This is why The After School Special (TASS), a student-led organization managed by the Xavier Media Team, wanted to provide an opportunity for these small and local businesses, and at the same time, help other people in need.

TASS recently held a 7-day online bazaar titled, “lilo,” where local and student-run businesses were invited to sell and promote their products online to the Immaculate Conception Academy Greenhills (ICAGH or ICA) and  Xavier San Juan (XSSJ) communities.

They offered shoppers everything from the arts to fashion to food. Arts and crafts shops included Pinch Studios, Koko Creatives, and Canvas Cloud. For clothes and accessories, they had Turners, Clo.Active, Runaways Apparel, Nara, Esmée, Coco, and Old Attic Project. The delicious food concessionaires on hand were PikNik, the baikery, Brownies n Churros Anyone?, J & R Kitchen, Cookie Tan, Astelle & Co., and Sugar III.

TASS consists of the junior and senior high school members from Xavier and ICA. The organization aims to teach its members camaraderie and universal workplace skill sets through the operation and implementation of its projects.

A portion of the proceeds went to to Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, specifically to help those affected by the COVID-19 virus. The Chinese General Hospital is one of the oldest hospitals in the Philippines and is run by the Philippine Chinese Charitable Association (PCCA).

TAAS also held an exciting raffle for lucky winners of Apple Airpods Gen 2, painted HydroFlasks, and PikNik goodies.

For more information on TAAS, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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