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Top 10 Chinoy Tiktok Creators and their Niches

TikTok is quite a hit in the Philippines, with the country ranking at 11th highest in TikTok downloads this year. With that, here are the top 10 Chinoy TikTokers and their respective niches!

1. Evan Tan (@richeryyy)

With over 2.3 million followers on Tiktok, Evan Tan is no doubt one of the most followed Chinoys on Tiktok! The twenty-one year old student makes comedy videos and relatable skits on his channel, as well as commentaries on pop culture and Tiktok trends. 

As one of PH TikTok’s major creators, he does almost every trend and dance challenge, while churning out unique comedy skits of his own.

He is a big fan of kpop groups TWICE and Blackpink, dedicating quite a few videos to the singers. Evan’s favorite member in Blackpink is Jisoo, who features in his latest upload:


NEW KDRAMA 😦 #stitch @miss_zetta

♬ Missing My Love – Donell Lewis


2. Alodia (@alodia) 

Celebrity Alodia Gosiengfiao and the Philippines’ Senpai Alodia is one of the most popular streamers and gaming content creators in the Philippines! She is also of Chinoy descent, and is an alumnus at Ateneo de Manila University. 

Alodia’s Tiktoks feature her show stopping cosplays of her favorite games such as Cyberpunk, Mobile Legends, League of Legends and more! (as well as characters from anime) She also does dance challenges with her celeb friends and boyfriend Wil Dasovich. 

As one of the Philippines’ top gamer girls, she participates in E-girl trends and does skits of the everyday life of a streamer and Discord user. Sometimes, the celebrity posts Tiktoks of her participating as a celebrity panelist at anime and gaming conventions, as well as fashion shows. Her most recent upload features her cosplay of Eden Kyoka from Scarlet Nexus while doing the “Nya Ichi Ni San Nya Arigatou” trend.


◤◢◤◢◤⚠️COSPLAY ALERT ⚠️◢◤◢◤◢  Kyoka Eden from Scarlet Nexus! #SCARLETNEXUS #SNX #cosplay

♬ Tokyo – Leat’eq

3. Ady Cotoco (@adycots)

Ady Cotoco is a 21-year old DLSU student who started making comedy videos on Tiktok last year. His most viral videos are “Weird Filipino Words” and “Types of Cashiers” each with over 2 million views. Today, he mostly does couple videos with his girlfriend, such as the “Whoa, it’s me and my Jowa” trend.

His self-written comedy song “I Am a Corporate Slave” was lip synced by over 2000 office workers around the world, launching the #CorporateSlave trend.

Here are 10 Tips from Ady himself on how to go viral on Tiktok! 


4. Wang Rong (@slythereine) 

Slythereine is a twenty-three year old alumnus from De Lasalle University who makes Kpop-related videos and vlogs on her Tiktok and YouTube channel. The Chinay also posts relatable storytimes and her experiences being an overseas Chinese person. 

Her most popular video is “Two sides of my Chinese,” depicting how Chinoy people are confident in speaking Mandarin with fellow Chinoys, but not with strangers and especially not mainland Chinese people (for fear of not knowing enough words).  


Cause im SHYYYY to talk to strangers in Chinese 😂 BTW I HATE MY BABY HAIR 😭 #Filchi #Chinese #filipinochinese #fyp

♬ original sound – SlytheReine – SlytheReine

5. Stefani Santos (@stefanihazels) 

Stefani Santos is a Chinoy studying at Ateneo de Manila University. She makes dance covers of kpop songs and Korean language learning, as well as Mobile Legends content. Her most-watched video is “Hey, ML Player Ka Ba?” which made waves in the Mobile Legends Tiktok community as she danced to a remix of “Gatal Gatal.” 

The twenty-year old is also a singer and song-writer! Here are some of her performances, singing live on Bagong Pilipinas and Tee Radio

Recently, she joined CHINOYTV’s growing pool of Tiktok ambassadors. Stef is also an avid fan of kpop, her most recent upload being a cover of “Fancy” by girl group TWICE:


Buy your Swift Onyx Jersey now! 💛🖤🧡 #mlbb #mobilelegends #fyp #foryou #gamergirl #twice


6. Rhett Chiu (@rhettchiu)

Rhett Chiu is LaSallian student who makes educational content on hashtags such as #edutok and #tiktokswkela. He talks about topics in economics such as organizations management, the product life cycle, types of innovation, and more! The twenty-year old is also one of CHINOYTV’s Titkok ambassadors. 

It is fitting that a Chinoy is one of the most prominent #edutok creators about finance! His most recent upload is about scientifically proven sales tricks:


💵 Science Proven Sales Tricks! 💵 #learnontiktok #edutok #tiktokskwela #business #sales #tricks #hacks

♬ Back Pocket – Vulfpeck

7. Kent Choy (@chinoy.oppa)

Kent Choy is a student from the University of the Philippines who makes encouragement/self care content on Tiktok, which he communicates through dance videos. His username “Chinoy oppa” refers to Chinoys’ resemblance to Koreans. 

He creates emotional skits and comforting content addressing his followers, as well as wholesome fanservice and trends! One of his most-watched videos is “A Father’s Love,” which features the song “See You Again” by Whiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth. Right on time for Father’s Day next week.


#pov a father’s love #xyzbca #fyp #chinoy

♬ See You Again (Piano Arrangement) – Alexandre Pachabezian

8. Geneena Sy (@geneena) 

Geneena Sy is a High School student at Quezon City Christian Academy. She participates in Tiktok trends such as “This or that” and simply makes tiktoks for fun! That hasn’t stopped the seventeen-year old Chinay from going viral, as her OOTD and home photoshoot videos grace For You Pages around the world. The STEM student is an advocate for humanitarian causes.

Her “This or That” challenge can be watched below:


9. Chinoy TV

You may not know it, but Chinoy TV has its own Tiktok account! Its content is created by ChinoyTV’s own producers, as well as young Chinoys in the country called TikTok ambassadors! The page aims to “bridge the Filipino and Chinese community” by posting videos about Chinese and Filipino culture. 

Its most-watched video as of writing is “Sino-Korean words” by @eronangbao, also an Atenean university student, like Alodia and Stefani previously on this list.


Sino-Korean Words #chinoytv #learnontiktok #tiktokskwela #edutokph #fyp

♬ What Do I Call You – TAEYEON

10. Achi Celadon (@achiceladon)

Ateneo Celadon is the premiere Chinese-Filipino organization at Ateneo de Manila University! The org debuted its official account very recently, and it’s just getting started! Achi Celadon posts educational videos about Chinoy culture and life as a Chinese-Filipino. The account also teaches Mandarin words! 

Its most watched video is Chinese Pick Up Lines Part 2, which can be watched below:


Who lights up your heart? 😳❤️ #ateneoceladon #fyp #learnontiktok #edutokph #tiktokskwela

♬ original sound – Ateneo Celadon – Ateneo Celadon

We hope you enjoyed this list! Happy scrolling!

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