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Top Chinoys in LinkedIn for 2021

By: Kendrick Chua

LinkedIn once again released its Top 100 Filipinos list. Of the 100, 11 Chinoys made it to the elite list. Here they are:

# 95 Jeremiah Chow (5,300 followers)

Jeremiah Chow is the Head of Sales for Asia-Pacific and EMEA of Veremark. He also acts as a Sales Mentor for IdeaSpace Foundation, Inc. 

#75 Sherwin Que (7,100 followers)

Sherwin Que is the current Philippine Country Head and Vice President for Global Operations of Wonders Corporation. He has an extensive 20 year experience in driving growth for global start-ups and Fortune 100 companies.  He created #asksherwin as way to impart his experience for people seeking help in business, career and development.  

# 66 Alvanson So (7,800 followers)

Alvanson So is the Country Human Resource and Head of People Central of Canva Philippines. He is also the Certified Human Resource Professional. 

#60 Loradel Ang (9,107 followers)

Loradel Ang is a Senior Recruitment Partner of Icon Executive Asia. She specializes in Board of Directors and C-Level recruiments as well as Consultancy Search for the digital and e-commerce sectors.

# 59 Harvey Ong (9,900 followers)

Harvey Ong is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Alfamart Trading Philippines. He also gives regular lectures for the Ateneo de Manila Graduate School for their Retail Management and Strategy Program. Ong is also a resource speaker for iLeap Consulting. 

# 47 Henry Ong (10,100 followers)

Henry Ong is one of most influential persons in personal finance being a financial literacy advocate and a Registered Financial Planner. He writes weekly columns for Esquire and The Philippine Daily Inquirer on stock market and investments. Ong is a graduate of St Stephens High School. 

#34 Steve Sy (14,300 followers)

Steve Sy is the Founder and CEO of the Great Deals E-Commerce, Corp., the leading e-distributor in the Philippines, with a clientele that includes Unilever, P&G, Nestle among others. Sy was also featured on CHiNOY TV’s Chinese by Blood, Filipino by Heart.  

#27 Nelson Dy 

Nelson Dy is an accomplished author and motivational speaker. He writes two columns: Career Roadmap for The Philippine Star, and It Makes Sense for the People’s Journal Tonight. He is a regular writer for Evangelicals Today, the official magazine of the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches (PCEC) He is also the Assistant Vice President of Packageworld, an affiliate of Asia Brewery, Inc. 

# 26 Erika So 

Erika So is a teacher by profession, and the Happiness Coach at Begin Branching Out. She coaches people on time-management, mindset, and relationship strategies. 

#19 Sheena Yap Chan (19,371 followers)

Sheena Yap Chan is a keynote speaker, coach, podcaster, consultant, and author on building self-confidence. She runs the podcast The Tao of Self Confidence wherein she interviews about Asian women about their inner journey to self-confidence. She co-authored the international best-selling book Asian Women Who Boss Up. 

#2 Chinkee Tan (105,000 followers)

Chinkee Tan is a Finance Expert, Wealth Coach, best-selling author, and one of the most sought-after motivational speakers of the country. His YouTube Channel Chink Positive has 1.77M subscribers while his Facebook page has over 4.2 million followers.  

About the Contributor:

Kendrick Chua is the Co-Founder and CEO of In Love with Languages, Inc. He has been teaching since 2009 and has taught over 1,000 students of different ages and nationalities. He was also a CHiNOY TV host from 2011 to 2013.

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