Top Picks for Classic Dimsum

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Dimsum is probably one of the most famous Chinese dishes with its many options, and basically point-and-eat system. It’s fast food done the best way possible. We’ve been introduced to dimsum, and you know the basics, maybe even ventured into the more adventurous side of dimsum, and this is the list for you. We ranked our favorite dimsum dishes for the Dimsum Sifus to scrutinize.

8. Steamed Pork Ribs

Easy to eat, good on rice. A good plate of steamed pork ribs is such a warm, comforting experience. A serving generally isn’t that expensive either. The simplicity of this dish is what makes it, well, it.

7. Siomai

Probably the most basic dimsum you can imagine, but there was no way we were leaving the beloved siomai off the list. Whether you like it from a street cart, frozen, or at the most expensive restaurant, siomai usually hits the spot.

6. Siopao

A great midday snack. Fluffy, sweet, white break encasing asado filling — maybe bola-bola, maybe even chocolate. There have been so many innovations made to this simple bun of joy that you’re sure to find one that’ll suit your mood.

5. Tausi Clams

Not a staple at all dimsum restaurants, but when you find a gem that offers it in their cart, be sure to nab it. The nice sweet clam complemented by the salty tausi is a great mix of flavors. A bad clam is a bad clam, and nothing is going to fix that, but this is one of those dishes that when they get it right, it’s a dream.

4. Steamed Chicken Feet

Okay, admittedly it took me a while to warm up to this one, but fortune favors the bold. The luscious stickiness of the collagen in chicken feet along with whatever sauce they steam it with is a delight that you should at least try at one point in your life.

3. Lotus Leaf Sticky Rice

Glistening sticky rice in lotus leaves. This is like a more elegant version of machang — perfectly seasoned sticky rice with peanuts, chicken or various other fillings.

2. Hakaw

Shrimp is great on its own, but add a silky dimsum wrapper and a few vegetables to the mix and you’ve got a sweet, succulent pocket of amazing.

1. Xiao Long Bao

The dimsum to end all dimsums — the xiao long bao, or the soup dumpling. These majestic pouches of scrumptiousness are THE DIMSUM OF CHOICE. I cannot stress that enough. I love it. You love it. We all love it.

How do you rank your dimsum?

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