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Nothing is more fun than a good old fashioned food trip around the world. Some of you have probably done it already, while others have probably just added it to their post-pandemic bucket list. But even though travel destinations are beginning to open up, it’s likely going to take a while before we’ll be able to freely travel from country to country again. While we’re waiting for things to go back to the way they were before, we could always travel around the world through FoodPanda, as it offers a wide variety of international cuisines and delivers them straight to your doorstep.

First Stop: China (Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles) 

Photo from Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles’ FB Page

We begin the journey with flavors that are already familiar to our palate. Noodles have always been a classic Chinoy comfort food, and Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodles offers authentic noodle dishes at an affordable price. Some of their specialty noodles include the Shanghai Beef with Wonton Noodles (P248) and the Beef Chow Mian (P258), but you can also order dim sum dishes like the Pork Dumplings in Special Sauce (P158). On top of that, you also have the option to customize the shape and thickness of your noodles.

Second Stop: Hong Kong (Happy Lemon)

Photo from Happy Lemon’s FB page

Before we leave China, let’s make a pit stop in Hong Kong to try their famous Bubble Waffles. Happy Lemon offers different flavors of bubble waffles, with classic (P100), chocolate (P110), matcha (P110), and Oreo (P121). If you’re craving for a drink, then Happy Lemon is well-known for its Milk Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese (P135).

Third Stop: South Korea (Oh K-Dog)

(Photos from FoodPanda)

The next stop is South Korea, where the aesthetic egg sandwiches and corn dogs originated from. The good news is you don’t have to travel all the way to South Korea to try them because Oh K-Dog has a variety of egg-drop sandwiches to choose from, with the popular picks being Ham & Cheese Special (P105), Bacon & Cheese Special (P105), Spam Special (P105). They also have unique corn dogs like Potato K-Dogs (P98) and Takoyaki K-Dogs (P105).

Fourth Stop: India (New Bombay)

Photo from New Bombay’s FB Page

When we think of Indian food, the first thing that usually comes to mind is curry, but there is so much more to Indian cuisine than that. The restaurant New Bombay offers a rich selection of signature Indian dishes like Sashi Samosa (P165), Chicken Tikka Masala (P325), Tandoori Chicken (P325), and Mutton Biryani (P350). There is also a wide selection of vegetarian options like the Cheese Paneer Kebab (P325) and Lentil Phadi Dal (P265).

Fifth Stop: England (CargoFish)

Photo from CargoFish’s FB Page

Nothing screams jolly old England like the classic Fish and Chips, and CargoFish takes it a step further by allowing you to build your own fish and chips. You can customize your order and choose your own type of fish, sides, and dips, starting from a base price of (P250). You can also try the Full English Breakfast here for (P480).

Sixth Stop: Germany (Brotzeit)

Photo from Brotzeit’s FB Page

 German food isn’t exactly widely available around Asia, so now is your chance to try it through Brotzeit. Germany is known for its sausages, and Brotzeit offers a wide variety of premium sausages like Grilled Pork (P535), Spicy Chicken (P520, and Pork & Veal (P440). You can also try Bavarian Fladen (P330), which is the German version of pizza, as well as Apple Strudel (P300) and Bavarian Pretzel (P95) for dessert.

Seventh stop: USA (Central Park Diner) 

Photo from FoodPanda

Whether you have been to the US or not, you are likely already well-acquainted with American food given the abundance of American fast food chains around the country. Still, there are always new flavors to try, and Central Park Diner offers a selection of American classics like Mozzarella Cheese Bites (P216), MAD Sliders (P360), and Central Park Garden Salad (P212). You can also get a taste of New Orleans with the Po’ Boy Shrimp Sandwich, but if you’re just here for breakfast, then you can go for the Iced Americano Coffee (P110), and the Strawberry and Nutella Waffles (P229).

Last Stop: Mexico (Mexi-ko: Fil Mex Kantina)

Photo from FoodPanda

The final stop is Mexico, which has dishes that aren’t that far off from Filipino cuisine. This is why Mexi-ko: Fil Mex Kantina is the perfect pit stop before you journey back to the Philippines because it offers Mexican food with a Filipino twist. You can choose from their bestsellers such as Sisig Tacos (P130), Sisig Burrito (P168), Pollo Asada Rice Bowl (P121), and Nachos (P215).

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