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Try These Lucky Hair Colors Based on Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Some people believe that wearing “lucky colors” increases your luck, whether you’re engaging in new activities or just desire better luck in general. Why limit yourself to wearing only specific colors? Go all out to increase your chances of good fortune with new lucky hair colors that correspond to your Chinese zodiac sign. It will fit well with your new chapter, and you won’t even have to choose your lucky colors from your outfit every day. This will also be great for college students (if it’s allowed) starting face-to-face classes again if they want to stand out and make a statement.

1. Rat – Light Blue or White 

2022 has been difficult for anyone born in the year of the Rat. Obstacles are unavoidable in the absence of lucky stars, but perseverance is essential. You may experience more tension as unlucky stars lurk nearby, making you angry and apprehensive. Such feelings will harm your health and disrupt your relationships in the long term. As a result, you must strive to remain cool and avoid overreacting. Pace yourself and think about acquiring white or light blue hair colors to preserve a calm head. As you ride through the harsh waves ahead, channel the peaceful immensity of the sea!

2. Ox – A Rich Orange Color with Brown Tones

You should continue to face your problems with courage. Although problems will arise, you will eventually achieve success by conquering these barriers through perseverance. Rather than going for the safe option and going with the standard brown colors, consider a rich orange color with brown tones. It’s a flexible yet striking color that may be lightened or darkened to suit your tastes.

3. Tiger – Strawberry Blonde

You may feel more agitated and uneasy than normal in 2022. That being said, as long as you work on self-improvement, the Academic Star will point you in the direction of professional growth, so don’t lose hope! Maintain mutual respect when interacting with others, since they may be struggling with their own problems. Pay attention to mood fluctuations and stay on top of your emotions this year to better control yourself. Consider going outside when you’re feeling restless since a change of scenery can help to quiet your thoughts. With that in mind, the moment has come to go blonde! Choose a strawberry blonde or rose gold hair color with peachy pink tones for a big transformation while being wearable on a daily basis. Depending on the existing tint of your hair, you may need to bleach it many times to achieve this.

4. Rabbit – Ash Lavender

Following a very bad 2021, persons born in the year of the Rabbit may find their fortunes improving this year! Now is the greatest moment to revitalize your spirits and operate with increased zeal and effectiveness. You are naturally smart and can spot commercial chances in your everyday life. Give your all, and you will reap the benefits of your efforts this year. When interacting with individuals, keep your eyes peeled. Purple has both warm and cold undertones, making it one of the simplest “wild” hair colors to pull off. Choose an ash lavender tint for a dramatic but not overpowering appearance. Furthermore, if you have scattered grey strands, this is an excellent color to blend and disguise those annoying tell-tale symptoms of aging.

5. Dragon – White, Gold, or Pink Orange

2022 is an excellent year to enhance your learning or upgrade your skills. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, and don’t be too fast to dismiss fresh information. Additional listening and learning will offer you more options for a fresh start. With that in mind, perhaps now is the time to play it safe and choose more conservative colors such as white and gold to avoid drawing unwanted attention. Given that Gold would suit you well, you might wish to investigate the popular Airtouch Highlights. Pink orange can even be considered by those with a light complexion. The pink tones in this vivid tint balance off the orange, ensuring that the hair color isn’t overly bold or comical.

6. Snake – Yellowish-Gold or Silver

You should maintain your resolution because the positive will eventually triumph over the negative. Illnesses and accidents should be avoided, therefore take care of your health and safety. With that being said, try out a vibrant yellowish-gold hair color. After all, this is your year to shine, so make a statement with your beautiful, warm, golden locks. Silver is another lucky color to add to the hair of persons born in the year of the Snake. Silver hair may be associated with aging, but when done correctly, it can be a flattering and avant-garde color. Choose an ash grey color with balayage as an alternative to under lights for a more gradual shift in color that is equally multi-dimensional. Similarly, this would look great with naturally black hair.

7. Horse – Turquoise

Your good fortune and prosperity will be proportionate to your efforts this year. Work hard, like the strong horse, and you will discover wealth. Accept life with optimism and live each day with delight. Turquoise is a color with tones of green and blue that isn’t too one-dimensional, guaranteeing that you’ll have varied gradients to look forward to even as the initial dye fades. Going all out with full-on turquoise hair may not be for everyone, but if you’re eager to sport some hues of green and blue, you may start with an ombre tint. You may recall turquoise ombre hair being popular during the Tumblr era, but don’t worry about it being out of date because it has retained its timelessness.

8. Goat – Red or Copper

Those born in the year of the Goat are graced by lucky stars in 2022, bringing a dramatic improvement in fortune from the emotional rollercoaster that was 2021. Avoid having too much money on hand since you may be tempted to spend it. This is the year to do everything you’ve always wanted to do, so go for it! With your outstanding interpersonal abilities, you will have ongoing backing, so take action to get things started. As the color red is considered to be an all-around lucky color in Chinese culture, the feisty and daring might opt for a full head of blazing red. You may have red highlights on brown hair for a more subtle effect. Copper tones will give you that distinct warm vibe without deviating into harsh and startling crimson tints. The end product will be less daring – for those who don’t want to be the center of attention – but not less vibrant.

9. Monkey – Navy and Cobalt Blue Tones with Grey Accents

It’s time to put your social talents to use and build a strong network in both life and business. Combine navy and cobalt blue tones with grey accents for a balanced combination that, despite the individually spectacular components, is readily worn. Instead of dyeing your entire head blue, try for highlights in the aforementioned color pallet. This works best with black hair color as a foundation and produces a slightly contrasted look. When it comes to showing colorful and rich colors, ombre or concealed hair designs are always a possibility, depending on how loud you’re ready to go.

10. Rooster – Pink, Coral, or Purple

Maintain a decent work-life balance, despite your hectic work schedule! You might anticipate job growth and healthy relationships with coworkers and partners this year. Your decisiveness will help you to grasp possibilities, but keep your health and safety in mind to prevent unanticipated calamities. To achieve a multi-dimensional color, dye your hair pink at the base with coral ends and purple highlights for a brighter, stronger effect. Aside from being a vivid color ideal for ushering in the new year, it will also fade wonderfully into an ashy pink color. If the triple threat hair color mix is too extreme for you, try pink highlights on a dark brown foundation for a more daily and perhaps workplace-friendly appearance.

11. Dog – Magenta

This year, those born in the year of the dog may experience pessimism and listlessness. You are more exposed to the impact of unfortunate stars when there are no lucky stars in sight. Maintain vigilance and pay attention to safety in the face of an elevated risk of accidents and diseases. Always have a backup plan, whether for professional or personal reasons. To prevent avoidable conflicts, practice mutual respect when dealing with people. You should think about developing interpersonal communication abilities that will help your professional possibilities. Bright magenta is a daring color that few people would use. Instead, try a concealed look with magenta on the inside and brown on the outside of your hair. 

12. Pig – Light Green

This year, you are endowed with many benefactors, and you will accomplish admirably as you demonstrate greater expertise at work. You may sail through life and work with many pleasant tidings if you improve your interpersonal abilities. Nonetheless, you must not get complacent. To avoid unneeded difficulties and losses, always be attentive to your actions and words. Light green isn’t the first color that comes to mind when thinking about new hair colors – unless you’re going for the Billie Eilish look – but it works great for individuals looking for an edgier and more unusual haircut. If this is out of your comfort zone, use green under lights for a more comfortable introduction to this unusual color. By using varying hues of green for your under lights, you may add complexity to the green areas. You’ll also be able to pick from a range of haircuts to show off the vivid color when you want to, and effortlessly conceal it when you don’t.

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