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8 relatable tweets about attending a Chinese school

We’ve all had our fair share of moments during our classes in a Chinese school. From learning the bopomofo to memorizing Chinese poems and songs, here are eight tweets that define our Chinese school childhood:


1. It’s a small world after all.

Friend 1: “Oh, how do you know her?”
Friend 2: “Well, she’s my friend’s cousin’s friend whom I met at my friend’s party.”
Yeah, it’s complicatedly connected like that.


2. Had us all scarred.

No more please…


3. When you just can’t pronounce the word right.

Most Cantonese students would probably say, “You study 4 tones? Ha, try 9.”


4. And of course the war flashbacks when we had to memorize these.

Do you still remember these poems though?


5. If you learned more from CDramas and mandopop say, “I.” 

Ehem Ehem… “I!”


6. We may have some regrets about not taking our Chinese classes seriously.

You have probably heard or personally said, “I should have listened to 老師 back in high school.”


7. It is difficult indeed.


8. Nevertheless, we all miss the days when we still feared our Chinese teachers only to find out how much they just wanted us to learn.

They are truly unforgettable.


There you have it! Eight nostalgic tweets that brought us our Chinese school memories. What’s your Chinese school story? Drop your stories in the comment box below!

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