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4 types of Chinoy boyfriends

The new normal is not stopping people to start and nourish romantic relationships. Women tend to be more nosy these days when it comes to choosing the ideal one in the dating scene. That is because they have more time thinking things over and assessing prospects based on their personalities and attitude.

If you are eyeing the next-door Chinoy hottie, would you be able to tell if he’s the right guy for you? No generalizations but it is hoped that somehow, this list will give you some ideas (or hints) if you want to start knowing  someone in your radar (who happens to be Chinoy). Let these four types provide some guidance.

1. The Typical Chinese

When dating a Chinoy, you learn about his background and his attitude. One of the most common types of Chinoy boyfriend is the “Typical Chinese.” The Typical Chinese boyfriend is usually the one who has traditional Chinese parents. They believe in various Chinese superstitions and follow almost every Chinese tradition. Oftentimes, typical Chinese boyfriends speak Chinese (specifically Hokkien) at home or when talking to their relatives. When dating a Typical Chinese guy, it is important to know or be familiar with the different cultures and beliefs that his family follows so that you can easily relate with them. 


2. The one with the strict parents 

Another common type of Chinoy boyfriend is the one with strict parents. Having strict parents is pretty common for Chinoys. Most of the time, they are encouraged to focus on their studies instead of dating. However, when dating a Chinoy with strict parents, it is important to be understanding of his situation whenever he says that he won’t be able to go out that day. Moreover, it is also important not to get on the bad side of his parents because there is a chance that his parents might force you two to break up if they think you are a bad infleunce for their son.


3. The Friendly Type  

The other type of Chinoy boyfriend is the “friendly” type. They are called friendly because they know a lot of people from different schools. Given the Chinese community here, students end up knowing each other despite coming from different schools. They know almost everyone and somehow they have a connection with many other people. Dating this type of Chinoy boyfriend means you will have to be ready to socialize with people at any given time when he suddenly bumps into one of his friends. 


4. The Strict Type 

Lastly, there are also Chinoys who are “The Strict Type.” These are the type of boyfriends who often comment about the way you dress or who you hang out with. The reason behind this is most likely because some Chinoys come from conservative backgrounds which means they are taught not to wear clothes that are too revealing and told who not to hang out with. These types of Chinoys often come from families who are very traditional or old school. 

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