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University Edition: Creepy Chinese Urban Legends

It doesn’t matter if you believe in Chinese superstitions and traditional deities, the stories that we are about to tell today will definitely send shivers down your spine. These are some of Hong Kong university students’ most popular horror stories. Let us know which one is your favorite!

The Freshman Stuck in the Morgue

In the 1980s, some seniors played a practical joke by forcing a freshman to stay overnight in the mortuary at the HKU Faculty of Medicine. The seniors were shocked when they unlocked the morgue the following day even though nobody knew exactly what happened to the poor freshman while he was there. They observed the freshman covered in bite marks and scars, and even more dreadful, he was devouring the bodies. 

The following year, a report on the occurrence was published in the school magazine. Even the student handbook allegedly included a new rule that forbade students from letting other individuals stay in the mortuary. As one of Hong Kong’s oldest institutions, HKU is home to a number of other ghost stories and urban legends, including that of the headless body at Knowles Building and the “pig skin ghost”. If you want us to share more, let us know!

The Tale of the Oxtail Soup

The substantial, delectable soups of traditional Cantonese cuisine are great late-night meals. However, this notorious ghost story about a particular bowl of oxtail soup at the Chinese University can make you re-examine your next bowl of soup carefully.

The spooky story of the oxtail soup goes something like this — once once a time, at CUHK’s New Asia College, there was a male student who resided on the first level of a certain dormitory building while his fiancée resided on the floor above. She would dangle a bowl of oxtail soup from her window to her lover to show her concern for him while he worked hard every day to study. The man, however, refused the soup after the two got into a fight. The girl ultimately stopped sending her lover soup since she was so upset about it. But one evening, the man once more noticed the recognizable dish of oxtail soup hanging outside his window. The man leaned out to take it out of curiosity. But as he peered inside, he saw that there was no soup; rather, the bowl contained the skull of his former girlfriend. The girl reportedly took her own life in her dorm room after her lover rejected her. 

The Myth of The 3M Toilets

The Yellow Zone 3M restrooms at CityU are the setting for this ghost story. The story has numerous different iterations, but they all center on the idea that the women’s restroom used to be haunted by some sort of ghostly being. 

According to one account, the ghost is the soul of a female student who committed suicide in the restroom. According to another, the ghost is the spirit of a worker who tragically perished in an accident when the building was being constructed. The latter was spotted using his bleeding hands to place bricks. In order to strengthen the yang qi, which is spiritual energy based on traditional Chinese beliefs, of the location and ward off evil spirits, it is reported that this women’s restroom was converted into a men’s washroom.

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