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Vincent Ng: The Taekwondo Champion

Vincent Ng is a 20-year-old black belt taekwondo master who has won several championships across Taiwan. A Chinoy who was born and raised in Taiwan, he is currently in military school and a part-time coach in his hometown country.

When he was seven years old, his mother asked him to join a Taekwondo class in his school just for fun. After a year, he had so much fun that he asked his parents to enroll him in a real Taekwondo gym. Like any other kid, he liked Taekwondo because it’s cool and when he was younger, it felt fulfilling that he could kick his opponent.



To date, he has been in the Taekwondo field for almost 14 years and has won a lot of medals and awards. “All the medals and championships I received, I also couldn’t count them,” he said in Mandarin. However, the most memorable match was when he got the chance to win the national championship three times a row in high school.

“Since it was the first time, so I don’t know how to handle the opponent, it was quite bad,” he shared. However, he said that championships aren’t the most important thing.  The most important thing is you learn from the competition.


Vincent Ng on the Blue corner


As an athlete, he said that weight loss is the most challenging since every competition will usually require around 2-5kgs of weight loss.  So he would usually control his diet and increase his amount of practice.

Sometimes he also feels the pressure from his friends, family, coaches, and his country because of their high expectations for him. To help relieve the stress, this athlete would hang out and go out with his friends and family.



And his tip for aspiring athletes, he said, “It’s just about hard work, not being afraid of pain and challenges, and being persistent in your practices. You’ll see the result one day.”


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