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Ways to Market Your Business This Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a major event in the Philippines and is celebrated by Filipino-Chinese and Filipinos every year. This event can be a great way for businesses to stand out from their competitors and differentiate themselves in the market. By incorporating elements of the holiday into their marketing and branding efforts, businesses can show that they are attuned to cultural trends and relevant to their customers.

Here are ways to market your business this Chinese New Year:

Special promos, deals, and discounts

Chinese New Year is a time of gift-giving, which can be a key business opportunity. Offering special deals and promotions for Chinese New Year can help drive sales and boost customer loyalty. You can offer discounts on gift sets or items that are typically given as gifts on CNY like food, sweets, fruit baskets, Year of the Rabbit items, lucky charms, health and wellness items, etc. 

Remember that CNY is about wishing someone wealth, luck, and health. Items that signify these should definitely be a part of your special deals.

Here’s a creative idea: Create vouchers and discount coupons in the form of angpaos to really get in the spirit of CNY!

Limited Edition Items

Capable of producing items with CNY elements and designs? By offering limited edition items, you can create a sense of exclusivity and make customers feel like they are getting something rare that motivates them to purchase. Think about Starbucks’ limited edition Christmas tumblers. 

These limited edition items have to echo the colors and values of Chinese New Year. You should use red and gold in packaging and design.

Be sure to highlight the exclusivity and time sensitivity of the items when you are positioning these items in the market.

Change your visuals

Even just for January 22, 2023 or for the week of, you can change your e-commerce banners and your social media profile pictures. Your online posts should also align with CNY designs and keywords. Add some red, gold, and oriental designs in-store. 

This will let customers know that you are acknowledging CNY as an event for your business; they’ll think that you’re likely to offer something special in the name of the event.

Do a gamified giveaway

Offer multiple audience-focused prizes that are relevant to CNY to increase engagement and build excitement around the giveaway. Promote it on all of your platforms and provide clear game mechanics that are easy to get into. 

It can be as easy as a raffles game, a pictionary puzzle, or a simple quiz relevant to your brand or CNY.

Join local CNY events

You can either sponsor local CNY events or put up a booth to allow more people to discover and become patrons of your business. You are likely to find grand CNY events in Binondo that are worth joining! 

In fact, Modern Tao Ke Mid-Autumn Festival Food Fair is looking for businesses that serve Chinese-themed food to sell in booths in Glorietta Makati, Lucky Chinatown Mall, and Trinoma Mall at a minimal fee! Applications are open until January 10, 2023 (12nn). 

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