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Welcome to DAD-D.I.Y. Academy!

Whether you’re a long-time dad, a first-time dad, a working dad, or whichever type of a dad you are, our newest podcast at CHINOYTV dubbed as “DAD-D.I.Y. Academy” is definitely for you. 

Hosted by Carl Dy, a property guru and the President of Spectrum Properties, this D.I.Y. podcast is for the dads who are just eager to hear about each other’s stories, learn from each other and relate to one another. However, this podcast is not limited to the man of the house, as wives and kids who would like to understand their husbands and fathers could also learn a thing or two through the DAD-D.I.Y. Academy. 

“We are in the midst of these challenging times, and this podcast serves as a support group for you to know that we all share the same struggles and triumphs in life. We, dads, are sometimes so private that we don’t get to share our stories with the world. This is the platform to hear those untold stories and laugh at our mistakes from the past. As we all share what it really means to be a husband, businessman, son, and dad,” Carl says on the trailer of the podcast. 

For the two episodes of DAD-D.I.Y Academy just in time for Father’s Day, Carl will be talking to three special Chinoy dads who will share the different aspects of being a father, their businesses, and their lives’ triumphs as well as defeats.

First on the guest list is Lester Ong, an athlete who has contributed as a film director, entrepreneur, businessman, and vlogger. Lester’s career in sports eventually led him to the film industry, where he got to direct several films, and T.V. shows such as Panday, Lastikman, La Luna Sangre, Bagani, among others. He is also the entrepreneur behind R.B.X. Rice in a Box, Wangfu Chinese Café, and Kyukyu Ramen 99. In the podcast, you will hear Lester talk about how he keeps his business afloat during a pandemic while being a hands-on father and husband. 

Next on the list is Richard Yap, an actor, and model who is best known for his character portrayal of “Sir Chief” in Be Careful with My Heart and “Papa Chen” in My Binondo Girl. Richard is also a businessman who co-owns Wangfu Chinese Café and his own furniture business. Through DAD-D.I.Y, Richard will discuss how he rose as an actor in his 40s, dealing with raising his children, and what he went through as a COVID-19 survivor.

Still for a Father’s Day Special, the guest for the second episode of DAD-D.I.Y Academy is no less than Chris Tiu. If you’re fond of basketball, you already know Chris as a former basketball player for the Ateneo Blue Eagle, in which he won the UAAP title in 2008. He continued playing as a professional basketball player for Rain or Shine in the Philippine Basketball Association, winning the Commissioner’s Cup in 2016. In the podcast, Chris will talk to Carl, not just about the shift in his career but also about the most crucial role he’s currently playing right now—as a husband and a father of his two lovely daughters.

Save the date as the pilot episode of DAD-D.I.Y Academy with Richard Yap and Lester Ong will be on June 20, 2021, on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

To learn more about DAD-D.I.Y. Academy, be sure to follow @daddiyacademy on Instagram for updates and announcements.

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