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What’s your fortune? Feng Shui Master Dato’ Joey Yap dispenses sage advice for a Roaring Year of the Tiger #ModernTaoKe

“This is an opportunity year.” 

Quipped Joey Yap, the world-famous Malaysian feng shui guru who has published more than 180 books on Chinese astrology and metaphysics. At 44, Yap is a modern master. And his interpretation of feng shui and its tenets are not only refreshing, but provide a more mindful, intentional and conscious way of living. 

Co-presented by Globe Business as part of its Modern Tao Ke program, a lucky audience in the thousands tuned in on Globe’s and CHiNOY TV’s Facebook Page to catch Yap live as he shared some key notes on the 2022 Lunar Year of the Tiger. Hosted by Valerie Tan, the Live event saw a unique opportunity for tao kes and Chinoys to learn from Yap’s many insights. 


For starters, the way Yap interprets feng shui is one that aligns with many modern values. Yap explains, “Feng Shui is energies. It’s not just how you decorate your house. Feng shui are your thoughts, your frequency, your vibration, your emotions. And Feng Shui is an art to manage those frequencies.”

Yap is also a keen observer of global trends and when asked how the Philippines or our region is expected to be, he confidently states, “We are in a growing region where we have less access to competition globally. If you are ready, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, the opportunities are there. [Referring to the Filipinos and Chinoys in the audience] You guys are the talent. And you have access to funding.” 

Year of, Month Of

Yap also talks about how it’s not just the Animal Sign of the year you were born in but also the Animal Month. For example, he explains that there’s Year of the Dog, who are expected to have a great year this year, full of Creativity. But there’s also the month of the Dog, which is from October 5 to November 5. 

For people who are Year of the Horse, or Month of the Horse, Yap explains that they have a General Star and a Golden Chest Star, so these may expect profit stream this year. 

As it is the Year of the Tiger, Yap explains, “You are the center of attention this year. It would be a good time to take on new positions or new market. But the new currency is attention. Who commands attention; commands wealth.”

For those born in the Year of the Rabbit, Yap says they have a Sun Star. He advises, “You are someone people go to influence. Are you able to do that? Help someone else who is suffering more misery than you. Expand influence and transform lives.” 

Now for the ones who were born under the Animal Signs of Dragon and Rat, Yap explains, “No positive stars.” But far from discouraging, Yap adds, “You just have to get up and do some work. Most things will require 70% more effort. At least you’re in control.” 

On the flip side, people born under the Year of the Snake will have a good year. Yap calls the Snake, “One of the titans in 2022. It’s a great year to create value, and to have assets increasing in value.”

For the animal sign of the Goat, Yap says there is a relationship star. He shares, “Build a better connection and understanding. If you stick to the old, you will limit yourself. Expand horizons.” 

According to Yap, the Rooster is another one of the titans of 2022. They have the Emperor star and will have resources for 2022. 

For the Pig, there is a good working relationship with Tiger. Yap cites that there will be, “Many happy events. What makes you happy? Schedule it in your plan. What gets scheduled gets done” and further shares that Pigs have a Prosperity star.

Ox animal signs also have a relationship star but Yap suggests that they work on their family. 

And finally, for the Monkey signs: Yap says there’s a clash with Tiger. “You are going through a big transformation and change. Easy to hire, difficult to fire. If you don’t change, you will feel the pain.” 


As a man of the times, Yap is also abreast of the waves that are cresting across the world. Yap cites the Pharma revolution, Online learning, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and finally Digital Assets as things to watch. 

He also advises tao kes to continuously learn. Starting with: improving their video presentation and public speaking; learning to write well and having Financial literacy on digital assets and Digital wealth. 

On more practical terms, Yap advises improving the feng shui of your home and sees work from home as a good setting to be able to fully maximize feng shui. Southeast zone is for learning. While work from the North zone if you are searching for resources and funding. Increasing leads would mean holding office at the south zone of the home. 


Regardless of the forecast or the writ of the stars, Yap has this important and grounding advice though, “Good animal sign is only good when you match it with action. Anything times zero will be zero.” 

Yap shares to the audience, “Animal signs do not dictate your future: they’re just a measure of time, space and energy.” He is also quick to point out that action is required to create reaction. Yap also talks about the importance of the next two years, foreseeing, “2022-2023 is the bottom of the U before we pick up. What we do in the next 25 years depends on what we do in the next two years.”

And best of all, Yap says, “The Tiger doesn’t need any appeasing. Just activate positive vibration.” 

To find out more, catch the recording of Modern Tao Ke Feng Shui Live at

Modern Tao Ke is co-presented by Globe Business. 

Born and raised in Malaysia, Yap is also the founder of the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, the largest and premier educational institution for Chinese metaphysical studies in the world. As the chief consultant of the Joey Yap Consulting Group, he has been involved in the planning of projects and personal homes from all over the world — including those from every country in Southeast Asia.  

You may download Dato’ Joey Yap’s 2022 thriver’s guide here:


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